Associate dean presents behavioral ethics lecture at Teaching Scholars Seminar Series

Edward Fubara, associate dean for academic affairs in the School of Business, presented a lecture at the Campbell Teaching Scholars Academy Leadership Seminar Series on Oct. 1.

The talk, called Why do Good People Do Bad Things?  was based on Behavioral Ethics research and helped the attendees better recognize ethical issues, examine them more comprehensively and come up with better decisions. Fubara used scenarios and interactive discussion to help the participants recognize common ethical errors and to better prepare them for the kinds of challenges they are likely to face in their careers.

“Most of us don’t want to do bad things, but the news is filled with accounts of mostly well-meaning people who have. Unless we’re intentional about being ethical, peer pressure, organizational expectations, and psychological biases can trip us up” said Fubara.

The Teaching Scholars program is a selected cohort of future K12 educators who are being prepared to serve underserved communities, hopefully in North Carolina.

“The Teaching Scholars Academy Leadership Seminar Series is designed to foster a sense of purpose, leadership, wisdom and values for future educators who focus on problem-solving, and possess an appreciation for service work and dedication to improving our society” said program director Terrie Bethea-Hampton.