2023 CPHS Research Award presented to Dr. Alessandra Narciso Garcia Trepte

The 2023 CPHS Research Award is presented to a faculty member who has demonstrated depth and breadth of scholarship in his/her area of specialization and is recognized by a peer group for this level of knowledge and expertise, or has recently made a unique contribution to science or scholarship.

With more than 4,300 citations, 49 scientific articles, and 11 journal articles as a Campbell faculty member, the 2023 CPHS Research Award was presented to Dr. Alessandra Narciso Garcia Trepte, assistant professor of Physical Therapy. The award task force members shared that they were impressed with her rigor and diligence, and that “her research accomplishments are impressive.”

Trepte is a physical therapist specializing in public health (family’s health) in Brazil, and a reviewer and senior review of scientific medical and physical therapy journals. Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, she completed a Bachelor of Physical Therapy, a master’s degree, and a PhD degree in physical therapy from City of Sao Paulo University, Brazil. She worked as a post-doctorate associate at Duke University before coming to Campbell in 2020.

She became interested in research while she was a physical therapy student and desired to utilize research to help patients and inform practices in the world of physical therapy. During this time, she became very interested in the high prevalence of back pain and the quality of instruments used to evaluate or examine patients in clinical practice. “So, when I finished my bachelor’s in physical therapy, I followed the research path. I completed my master’s degree (2.5 years) and PhD degree (4 years) in clinical research and spent a few months with researchers in Australia to refine my research skills. Parallel to that, I used to see patients and teach in a physical therapy program in Brazil. In 2018 I began my postdoc at Duke, where I could develop new research skills and the ability to supervise students in research projects. It was an amazing experience,” Trepte remarked.

Throughout her career, she has had several opportunities to refine her skills as a researcher, as well as engage in teaching and treating patients with musculoskeletal pain. Trepte’s current research is focused on 1) The effectiveness of interventions to treat musculoskeletal conditions, 2) The influence of patients’ characteristics and treatment received on patient-reported outcome measures, surgical outcomes, costs, and health services, 3) The quality of measurement properties of instruments and methods used to evaluate patients with musculoskeletal conditions, and 4) The experience of patients seeking care for musculoskeletal conditions in the outpatient setting.

“I want to thank those who nominated me. I am very thankful to God for this award and the amazing people I had the chance to work with and learn from. I honestly believe that research is a unique expression of the importance of working in a team. I am also very thankful to my husband Leo who is always supportive and encouraging during my career,” Trepte commented.

Dr. Bradley Meyers, chair and director of Physical Therapy, noted, “Dr. Trepte is an exceptional scholar and truly deserving of this recognition. She has worked to highlight differences in individuals and groups related to health outcomes, experience, utilization, and cost along with the influences of social determinants on these areas. Dr. Trepte exemplifies the mission of CPHS through her impressive record of interprofessional collaboration and engagement with the complex contributors to individual health outcomes.”