Forty complete Mini Medical School

BUIES CREEK, North Carolina – The Campbell University Jerry M. Wallace School of Osteopathic Medicine hosted the “graduation” ceremony of its inaugural “Mini Medical School” Tuesday night for 40 Harnett County leaders who completed the program.

Mini Medical School is an opportunity for members of the community to experience medical school at Campbell University.  For six weeks, participants attended two hour sessions highlighting specific aspects of medical school: “Origins, Development and Role of CUSOM in Medical Education including Medical Student Panel Discussion and Q & A”; “Anatomy of the Brain and Central Nervous System and Effects of Neurological Disorders” with Dr. Bruce Newton; “Disease Prevention, Health Promotion, and OMM” with Dr. Nick Pennings and Dr. Lisa Chun; “Simulation Medicine and Ultrasound Practicums” with Dr. Steven Halm, Professor Brian Mann, and Dr. Andrew Martin; “Geriatrics, Aging, and Chronic Disease Management” with Dr. Charlotte Paolini; and the “graduation” was the final session.

First year medical student and president of the Christian Medical and Dental Association, Tyler Iodence, opened the evening by reading Psalm 106:1 and John 3:30 as he offered an invocation thanking God the participants interest and willingness to participate as well as asking for His blessings on them as they continue their work in our community.

Roshni Delwadia, first year medical student and Co-Director of the Community Care Clinic, participated in the student panel during the first session of the program and came back for the ceremony to thank the participants for their interest and support of the medical school.

“Being a part of the Mini Medical student panel was a true honor! The opportunity to speak with such high officials in our community about our school and the way CUSOM medical students live their lives helped to remind us that we, the students, faculty, and now, the community, are all together in our mission to serve rural North Carolina,” said Roshni.  “CUSOM has embodied the idea of family. I am so honored to know that beyond my class and faculty family, I now a family within the community who is there to support the medical education and mission of every single CUSOM student in the years to come. Hats off to the Mini Medical School Class of 2016! Welcome to the family!”

Campbell University President, Dr. J. Bradley Creed was the keynote speaker for the ceremony, and he reminded the community leaders of the relationship between education, government and community.  He also challenged them to take what they learned in participating in Mini Medical School and apply it for the betterment of our community. “Knowledge is not just for your own edification, it is to better your community.”

After the ceremony, student volunteers provided tours for the guests of the participants and enjoyed continuing to share with them their medical school experience at the reception.

“I really enjoyed attending the mini-med school reception!” said Megan Kauffman, MS-I.  “I met a lot of really nice people who are so excited about CUSOM and what is in store for this community.”
“I don’t use this word often,” said mini med school participant Ann Davis.  “But, this experience was awesome!”

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the success of this program,” said Dr. John Kauffman, dean of the medical school.   “To have over 40 leaders of the Harnett County community invest their time in participating in this program designed for them to gain a more comprehensive understanding of medical school at Campbell is a testament to our community’s dedication to improving healthcare in North Carolina.  We look forward to hosting the program again next spring and having another class of participants learn what becoming a Campbell physician is all about.”