More than 500 students attend interprofessional health sciences event

The Campbell University Interprofessional Education (IPE) First-Year Event was held Sept. 12 and was attended by more than 500 students of eight different health sciences programs. Every year, IPE holds the First-Year Event in the fall and hosts students of all professions from the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences and from the School of Osteopathic Medicine.

The program’s main objective is to provide programming in which students learn about, with and from each other. The theme of this year’s event was Finding Your Place on the Health Care Team. Sessions and activities focused on the roles and responsibilities of professions on the healthcare team and how those professions work together to provide the best patient-centered care.

The central focus of the event was the IPE Professionals Panel, which brought seven practitioners together to discuss real-world application to the idea of interprofessional collaboration. Apart from this session, students also participated in small group case discussions facilitated by faculty in which they stepped into the roles of other professions and then their own profession to highlight the importance of understanding one another’s’ responsibilities.

Students also rotated through various IPE stations in which they played games such as Kahoot or Jeopardy, in which they discussed IPEC competencies and were able to network with each other across programs. An afternoon treat was also provided and allowed for socializing among students, faculty and staff. 

Students getting ice cream

Student comments on the event:

  • “I felt a respect and appreciation for the interprofessional team environment.  I could easily see how it is a good thing for patients.”
  • “I enjoyed the small groups meeting to assess the patient and come up with a plan of care. It was a great interactive, informative experience.”
  • “I really liked the case study when we switched roles, it was eye opening to see what certain people think my profession is responsible for (PT) and highlighted the importance of advocating for my profession within the healthcare field to ensure other health care professionals are aware of our abilities and utilize us as much as possible to help the patient.”