A message from President Creed on Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew left a wide path of destruction from the Caribbean through the Mid-Atlantic States. Regretfully, many of us were eyewitnesses to its power and devastation. The scars of the storm are still apparent. Many of those who live in the flood plains of our state’s largest rivers and near other bodies of water are still experiencing difficulty.

Thankfully, the Campbell University campus sustained only minor damage. Power was restored within 30 hours to most campus properties. There were ceiling leaks, and several low areas were flooded with minimal amounts of water. When compared to other victims of Matthew, we have nothing to complain about.

I am grateful to our Facilities Management staff, Campus Safety personnel, and Aramark’s employees for tireless and “round the clock” service rendered. Many of these dedicated personnel left homes with damage and families in the dark to meet the needs of our students in residence. I am proud of how the Campbell community pulled together to make the best of a challenging situation.

There are students, faculty, and staff who for a variety of reasons cannot return to classes or work today. Their homes are damaged and they are threatened by rising water levels. Some roads and highways from their homes to campus are not yet passable. We will keep them in our thoughts and prayers; and, as we are able, lend a helping hand to them and others needing assistance.

Storms the magnitude of Matthew never come at a convenient time. This is the week of Fall Break. There are exams to complete and papers due in anticipation of the mid-semester break. I encourage faculty to be reasonable in accommodating students who have been inconvenienced by the storm, and students to work diligently, honestly, and patiently through these interruptions of their normal schedules.

Again, I offer my thanks to all in our campus community who worked faithfully on behalf of our students over the last few days. Kathy and I ask the Campbell community to join us in praying for our campus, our region, and all victims of Hurricane Matthew.

Brad Creed
President, Campbell University