All work and a little play at business school’s Lego workshop

image of Lego workshop

Karen Mishra, professor of business, was seeking a way to help her management and communication/critical thinking students develop and express their creativity and collaboration skills. She found it in a Lego Serious PlayR workshop led by Wilson, NC-based facilitator Megan Oteri.

Certified to lead Lego Serious PlayR workshops for students and businesses, Oteri’s firm, Brick Scholars, offers creativity and STEAM workshops for K-12 in schools, camps and community programs. She also provides professional development programs, including team building activities that help team members develop a spirit of creative play in order to improve collaboration and communication, increase employee engagement, and innovate solutions while developing employee’s soft skills.

Mishra observed: “This workshop gets students out of their heads and into their hands by focusing on creating something fun that is unique just to them. After they develop their own answer to a prompt by Ms. Oteri in the form of a Lego creation, each student shares his or her creation with the team. The idea is to engage everyone in conversation, not just those who contribute regularly. It is a very powerful (and fun) way to get them talking and connecting.”

Students shared their Lego creations on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, and one called the experience “the most fun class I have had all semester!”

Mishra is leading the fall 2018 communications course for Campbell’s BB&T Business Fellows, and is the co-author of the book “Becoming a Trustworthy Leader.” Learn more about Brick Scholars at