Alumni Association launches digital mentoring platform

The Campbell University Alumni Association has partnered with Academic Advising; Student Success; Athletics; the schools of business, education, engineering; and the College of Arts and Sciences to create a digital mentoring platform, CamelLink. CamelLink launched on September 28 and is designed to promote career readiness and development by connecting alumni and students.

The initiative began in 2018 when the Office of Alumni Engagement surveyed Campbell alumni on the best ways help them to interact with Campbell students and with fellow alumni. Nearly thirty percent of  alumni respondents were interested in helping students with career advice, while using professional talents to assist Campbell was the third most reported opportunity of interest with 23 percent.

CamelLink will serve both the student and alumni body by creating meaningful connections, making career readiness, mentoring and networking easier. Student participants will be supported by alumni through mock interviews, project presentation forums, early career exploration 

Faculty and staff can learn more about CamelLink and how to can incorporate it into their program and curriculum by registering for a virtual discussion.