Alumni Volunteer Spotlight: Verga Brooks (’12 MDiv)

Our alumni volunteer spotlight today is Verga Brooks (’12 MDiv). Verga is an active member of the Campbell University Alumni Association Board of Directors which allows her to volunteer her time and talents at various alumni events. Read her story:

What brought you to Campbell University? I  heard of Campbell University from a former co-worker while studying for my Associates Degree. That prompted me to search out Campbell. My findings were impressive and a deep urge in my belly assured me that Campbell was the higher education place for me to pursue. I will never regret that decision!

When did you graduate? What was your major? I graduated in 2012 with a Master of Divinity degree from the Campbell University Divinity School.

How has Campbell prepared you for your career? Campbell afforded me the educational and inspirational ability to provide ministry in community and church related settings. It gave me to opportunity to provide chaplaincy services and to be certified for pastoral counseling and many other related human service concerns.

Why did you decide to remain involved or re-connect with your alma mater? I really miss being at Campbell – I miss the faculty, staff and students. Being a student at Campbell provided me a level of motivation that helped me believe in myself and my accomplishments. When the Office of Alumni Engagement reached out to me about serving on the Alumni Association Board of Directors, I was overwhelmed with joy to continue a relationship with Campbell. It’s a great school!

In what ways are you involved with Campbell as an alumna? I am currently a member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors where I get opportunities to volunteer at different events. This allows me to interact closely with incoming and outgoing students and I am so delighted and happy to encourage and assist all that I come in contact with. I meet great young (and older) people of which I would otherwise, not have had a connection.

How has volunteering with Campbell benefited you? It always uplifts my soul and spirit to volunteer and meet new people. I thoroughly enjoy helping candidates and all students who need my help and support. I just love working with the Alumni Engagement staff. And I love the contact with Campbell staff and faculty.

What are you most proud of Campbell for today? That I obtained my Master of Divinity degree. And that Campbell continues to grow and expand with great potential of becoming an Ivy League school. For the care and prestige Campbell already possesses – I am grateful to Campbell for having open arms and respect for all students while maintaining respectful policy and protocol statues and status. It is extraordinary to be an alumna under the leadership of Dr. J. Bradley Creed and his lovely wife, Kathy. Their professionalism and leadership is good for Campbell’s continual growth.

What does being a Campbell alumna mean to you? It means being able to serve and to help others, even in small, common ways of life. It can be stressful entering places of higher education for various reasons. I can help those who are technologically-versed in people contact relationships. I can be a witness for Christ. I can be a liaison to represent Campbell’s integrity.

Why should other alumni get involved with the Office of Alumni Engagement and Campbell University? All Campbell alumni have much to be proud of. If more would get involved, the better it would be for them – and incoming students. Campbell paved the career paths for so many and remembering the bridge that brought us over troubled and calm waters is a vital part of the way to success. Being engaged alumni is about helping meet the Campbell vision and experience; that can only be achieved by helping others to be successful.

Visit for a list of ways to volunteer with the Office of Alumni Engagement.