Alumni Volunteer Spotlight: Will Franklin (’96)

Our final alumni volunteer spotlight this week is Will Franklin (’96). Will currently serves as president of the Campbell University Alumni Association Board of Directors and is a member of the Student Union Founders Board. We asked Will a series of questions about his Campbell experience, including why he chooses to give back to Campbell, and here’s what he said:

What brought you to Campbell University? When I was looking at colleges, Campbell was not on my radar. The company my father worked for was doing some work at Campbell and he asked me to ride along with him to visit the job site. While walking around Campbell, I remember thinking “how did I not know bout about this place?” After visiting Campbell, I knew that it was the place for me. Not too big, not too small – it was a perfect fit. 

When did you graduate? What was your major? I graduated in 1996 with a bachelor of business administration degree in Trust & Wealth Management.

How has Campbell prepared you for your career? With Campbell being a smaller university it is easier to be engaged with faculty & staff, as well as be involved with social/leadership clubs and honor societies. While I was there, it was easy to take those opportunities for granted. But, looking back, they have prepared me for the different interactions and dealings that I was faced with throughout my career. Campbell encourages students to be involved in social and civic activities, and this has carried well into my career as I have continued to be engaged in various organizations in the community in which I serve.

Why did you decide to remain involved or re-connect with your alma mater? Campbell was a big part of the foundation that my career and beliefs were built on. I’m extremely thankful for the opportunities that I’ve had and being involved allows me to share and help others have that same experience.

In what ways are you involved with Campbell as an alumnus? I am currently serving as president of the Alumni Association Board of Directors and I’m a member of the Student Union Founders Board.

How has volunteering with Campbell benefited you? It has allowed me to stay connected and see the continued transformation of the school. I have learned so much from volunteering, but I’m also a part of the transformation of Campbell. I have become a Campbell Ambassador by helping other graduates reconnect to Campbell and to identify prospective students in my community.

What are you most proud of Campbell for today? Campbell has not wavered from its core value, making it the preferred college of choice for many students across the United States. Campbell continues to align Degree offerings with changing needs of the population and the economic environment. Proof is the School of Osteopathic Medicine, the School of Engineering, School of Nursing, etc. However, I am extremely excited about the construction of the new Student Union. This project has been long overdue, and will be the center hub of all student activities on Campus. This will complete an already well rounded college and provide an atmosphere for student life.

What does being a Campbell alumnus mean to you? I’m proud to be a Campbell Alumnus and be a part of an elite group of Alumni. I am “orange owned” and wear it proud.

Why should other alumni get involved with the Office of Alumni Engagement and Campbell University? I challenge everyone to get involved, be a part of the continued change and growth of our University. Become a Campbell Ambassador in your community. It is rewarding and self-fulfilling!

We hope that you have enjoyed getting to know several of our alumni volunteers through this spotlight series. The Office of Alumni Engagement is grateful for each of our alumni volunteers and their continued efforts to help us provide engagement opportunities for Campbell alumni.

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