Campbell Business students participate in 3D scanning with global design firm

Business - 3D Scan RALEIGH – Campbell Business students recently got a welcome opportunity to assist a global design firm in perfecting custom made apparel.

The cutting edge design firm based out of Spain, whose name we cannot reveal due to the confidential nature of their work, received a request to investigate the demand for custom made apparel in the North American college market. Upon receiving the inquiry, they began planning a continent wide road trip to engage the millennials. After the firm secured space at HQ Raleigh, Campbell Business faculty members became aware of the opportunity for their students to engage the firm and participate in a 3D body scan that would result in complimentary custom made clothing. Several students jumped at the opportunity.

“In the classroom we are developing systematic problem solvers and I’m always excited to connect students to firms who are executing innovation processes,” said Campbell Business Instructor of Business & Entrepreneurship Coordinator Scott Kelly.

After going through the 3D scanning process, Ryan Ashley, a junior from Spring Hope said, “I really enjoyed using the technology they provided and I think it is a promising innovation to be used in future markets.”

“As I stepped foot into the 3D scanning unit, I realized that I was on the front line of breakthrough technology,” said Audrey Jordan, a senior from Charlotte. “Not only does it change the shopping experience for consumers, as it is more convenient and reliable, but it changes the composition and competition within the entire fashion industry. I am excited to see these changes develop within the next five to 10 years!”

To receive more feedback on the process, company representatives will again meet with the participating students to ensure the custom clothes fit well and that the students are happy with their experience.