#AskDrCreed: President Creed answers your questions

On Monday, Campbell University President J. Bradley Creed and his wife, Kathy, hosted an ice cream social for students in which around 200 cups of ice cream were served. The next day, nearly 400 faculty/staff came out for a second ice cream social.
Creed followed up those events by taking over the university’s main Twitter account for one hour on Wednesday, July 8, and holding an #AskDrCreed Q&A session.
During the hour, he received more than 70 questions, which touched on a variety of topics, from his favorite NASCAR driver to his vision for the university. Apologies if he did not have time to answer your question. Look for him to hold these Q&A sessions once or twice a semester. In the meantime, here’s a recap of the first #AskDrCreed session.
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