Business celebrates two faculty for their 40 years of service

The Lundy-Fetterman School of Business is honored to celebrate Mr. Jimmy Witherspoon and Dr. Shahriar Mostashari as they reach the milestone of 40 years of dedicated service to Campbell University.

Both gentlemen started their career at Campbell University in 1983.

Mr. Witherspoon returned to the School of Business as a professor for the trust and wealth management program after receiving his BBA in Trust from Campbell University in 1980 and a Juris Doctorate from Wake Forest School of Law in 1983.

Dr. Mostashari began his career with the School of Business as an associate professor and chairman of the department of business administration and economics.

He graduated from the National University of Iran in Tehran with his BS in Economics in 1969. Later in 1970, he came to the United States to pursue graduate studies in the same field. He received his Master’s and PhD in Economics from Western Michigan University in 1973 and North Carolina State University in 1978, respectively. He also holds an MBA Degree with a concentration in Management from Golden Gate University.

Mr. Witherspoon and Dr. Mostashari noted the opportunity to prepare students for purpose driven work, careers and calling, as their favorite part of working at Campbell University.

Mr. Witherspoon has held the position of professor, director of the trust and wealth management program, director of the master’s of trust and wealth management program, and currently serves as the chairman for the department of trust and wealth management.

Dr. Mostashari has served as an associate professor, later promoted to full professor, chairman of the department of business administration and economics, and held various administrative positions, including acting dean and MBA director. He currently serves as the associate dean for external relations.

In the last forty years, Campbell University has experienced an immense amount of change. Mr. Witherspoon and Dr. Mostashari are the first to recognize these environmental shifts.

They pointed out our history, having grown from a small liberal arts college to a comprehensive level 6 university with a diverse range of programs and research centers, and the changes to physical aspects of campus, like the addition of the student union and financial aid office, as the most notable. 

But no matter how many buildings are constructed, or programs added, they both shared that Campbell has always remained true to itself. The university continues its unwavering commitment to academic excellence and dedication to preparing students for successful careers and meaningful lives. 

Mr. Witherspoon stated, “The students are the reason I would find it so hard to retire. Being with the students, just walking around campus and knowing I’m going to hear a kid say something like “better pick up the pace Mr. Witherspoon”. I love it. I wouldn’t trade our students for students at any other university.” 

Dr. Mostashari shared, “I have had the privilege of working with many talented and dedicated individuals over the years, including students, faculty, staff, and the alumni. I have formed lifelong friendships with many of my colleagues and enjoyed mentoring and supporting two generations of students as they pursued their academic and career goals.” 

From the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business, thank you, Mr. Witherspoon, and Dr. Mostashari, for your relentless dedication to the students, your coworkers, and the mission of Campbell University.