Business professor presents at National Conference of Sales Management

Dr. Michael Rodriguez, Associate Professor at the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business, presented his research on two innovative teaching initiatives at the National Conference in Sales Management in Norfolk, Virginia.

NCSM is the premier international gathering of scholars, instructors, and practitioners interested in professional selling and sales management research.

The conference consists of double-blind review competitive paper sessions, research roundtable sessions, sales education sessions, and special sessions devoted to connecting academia and practice.

Dr. Rodriguez shared two innovations for teaching the method of sales: Utilizing warm up role plays in professional sales and Modernizing sales curriculum: The use of modern sales trail mix.

The first innovation examined how sales educators could introduce role play exercises on the first day of class to make students more comfortable with role plays.

The second innovation detailed how educators could pair existing sales curriculum with a free and easy to use resource called Modern Sales Trail Mix. The modules follow the sales process step-by-step, which makes it easier for sales educators to implement during the semester.

Dr. Rodriguez shared, “I have been attending NCSM since I was a doctoral student. It’s great to see that the ideas in teaching and research continue to grow and evolve. This is the most dedicated and engaging group of educators and I look forward to attending every year.”