Business professor’s book helps students with job search

Business professor Dr. Karen Mishra co-authored the newly released book “College to Career: Your Guide to Getting Your Dream Job” with Dr. Aneil Mishra, professor of business at Eastern Carolina University. Their book serves as a tool to help students with job searching prior to graduating from college.

Mishra has mentored and coached dozens of students over the years and developed the book as a guide for students who are unsure about the path to take when searching for a career. She employed Campbell Business alumna Skyler Cason (’19) of Skyler Hope Designs to create the cover and illustrations found in the book.

In efforts to amplify the mission of the book, Mishra is donating ten percent of all profits to the Trust Network, a nonprofit she and her husband created to help students maintain connections that could be helpful in the job search.

“One of my first jobs at General Motors was to run the summer college intern program,” says Mishra. “This gave me insight into what employers look for in candidates, including what should be on their resumes and tips for interviewing.  I have been using this and other experiences to help students with their internship and job searches throughout my teaching career. It gives students a step-by-step guide of things to think about, as they consider … their future career goals.”

Mishra is a Gallup-certified Strengths coach and provides executive education training including sales training, leadership and team development, as well as strategic marketing planning. She teaches undergraduate and graduate Marketing and Business Administration courses at the Business School including a graduate course called “Leading With Your Strengths,” which focuses on developing personnel and team leadership based on the students top five Gallup strengths.


Copies of the book College to Career: Your Guide to Getting Your Dream Job can be found on Amazon.