Business School Alumni Celebration honors distinguished graduates

The Lundy-Fetterman School of Business celebrated its 17th annual Alumni Celebration Day on Friday, October 22. Beginning with a ceremony recognizing three outstanding alumni, the day ended with a luncheon and campus tours for returning graduates. 


Jerrell Deaver (‘17,’21) and Kaylyn Deaver (‘16) were recipients of the Outstanding Young Alumni award. .saxeT Jerrell “J” Deaver graduated magna cum laude from Campbell University in 2017. He earned a Bachelor in Business Administration with an emphasis in Trust & Wealth Management, a Bachelor of Science in Economics, and a minor in Financial Planning. He then received a

Master of Business Administration from the Lundy- Fetterman School of Business. 


Kaylyn Deaver graduated from Campbell with a Bachelor of Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting, and earned a Master of Business Administration from East Carolina University in 2018. At just 22 years old, Kaylyn became one of North Carolina’s youngest CPA’s and worked for a top international accounting firm. 


Currently a tax manager for The Real Estate CPA, Kaylyn specializes in partnership taxation and serves the firm’s largest syndication clients, while Jerrell is a Wealth Planning Consultant for BMO Harris Bank. Both the Deavers have a passion for investing in the next generation of business students, serving as alumni mentors for the Lundy Fetterman School of Business. Kaylyn has launched two internship programs at various companies throughout her career, and Jerrell is an Eagle Scout. 


In his remarks, Jerrell thanked Cambell helping secure him an internship in California that changed his perspective and inspired his career. 


“It gave me professional experience and a passion for travel it opened up in me that I didn’t know I had,” Jerrell said. From that internship, he was able to get a job in Austin, Texas, in financial planning. 


“It was what I wanted to do, but in a city that I’d never been to before,” he said. “Without the experience going all the way across country to California, I wouldn’t have had the courage to make that jump and to create the life that Kaylyn and I have created. I wouldn’t be who I am today, and wouldn’t have met my wife, if I hadn’t come to Campbell. I’m so grateful and I’m really looking forward to using my platform to help the younger generations of Camels.”


Since that fateful internship, Jerrell and Kaylyn have driven cross country five times, seen 42 states, visited 25 National Parks, hiked mountain peaks and paddle boarded glacial lakes. They currently reside in Austin, Texas, but Kaylyn described the journey that they have taken since the pandemic began: living out of airbnbs and hotel rooms as they work from “home” and using their remote work status as an opportunity to travel and learn. 


“Campbell challenged what i think of as success,” Kaylyn said.  “I thought it was based solely on your career. More than education, Campbell gave me valuable relationships, mentorships and memorable experiences. And with that came knowing that success isn’t based on a ladder that you climb, but your experiences along the way and the people that you impact as you climb. I’m grateful to be part of an alumni network that gives me the opportunity to give back to other Campbell students.” 


Juan Austin graduated from Campbell University in 1986 with a Bachelor of Science in Trust & Wealth Management. Upon graduation, Austin joined Wells Fargo and has worked there every since, pursuing his passion for community relations. He is now the Senior Vice President for Social Impact, Sustainability & Community Relations within Wells Fargo Foundation. 


“My dreams came true at Campbell,” Austin said, thanking his mentor and friend Jimmy Witherspoon for instructing and guiding him during his time in the Trust program. “I was able to pursue my passion, I was guided in the classroom and out of the classroom. I’m so thankful for that.”


Austin’s primary focus in the banking sector is delivering strategic and brand reputation building for corporate philanthropy. His philanthropic efforts go far beyond his work as he is a current board member for NC Community Foundation, NC Business Committee for Education, Campbell Business School Advisory Council, and Mount Zion Baptist Church as Chairof the Finance Committee.

Alongside his work and community involvement, he enjoys volunteering and spending time with his wife and family.


“I challenge you all to find your faith, find your purpose and find your meaning while you are here at Campbell,” he said. “It may take you across 42 states, or it may keep you close to home, but there is no better place to find it.”