Business school hosts cross-cultural entrepreneurship lecture, classes

The Office of Global Engagement partnered with Ascend International to host a cross-cultural entrepreneurship day with the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business and Communication Studies department this week. 

Sitting in on a business class with Dr. Edward Fubara, Chinese and American students participated in a discussion of East-West Differences facilitated by Ascend coordinator Guy Armstrong. Some topics of conversation included preferences for meals and showers, but others were communication norms that could impact the success of a cross-cultural business meeting.

“As Armstrong suggested, in today’s world it’s almost inevitable that business leaders will interact with people from all over the world – it helps to be prepared,” Fubara said.  “Campbell students also had a chance to spend time with the Chinese students after the class, helping both groups become more culturally aware.”

Later in the week, Chinese and American students heard from Brian Hamilton, a lifelong entrepreneur whose foundation teaches business start-up principles and best practices to people from all backgrounds. 

“Hearing from Brian Hamilton on entrepreneurship was inspiration to our students and Ascend students alike,” said professor Scott Kelly. “Campbell BADM 200 student are starting their own businesses and procuring at least one customer this semester, and his perspective on entrepreneurial mindset is helpful.”

The visiting students learned what it takes to build a business from from an idea to a marketable proposal. They also learned about American marketing strategies and split into teams to produce business commercials in Campbell’s TV studio. Brian Bowman, instructor of converged media and journalism, assisted in creating a real-world production experience as students performed their advertisements in front of a green screen. 

Brian Hamilton (third from left) meets with professors after his entrepreneurship lecture