Business school names first ‘AI executive in residence’

The Lundy-Fetterman School of Business named Jenny Nicholson in the new role of AI executive in residence on Sept. 13.

In her role, Nicholson advises faculty members and students in “the latest AI technologies, ensuring they are well prepared to enter an AI-driven world.” 

After several years as the creative director at the award-winning advertising agency McKinney, Nicholson leads her own consulting firm, Queen of Swords, where she helps agencies and brands in discovering new ways to connect with prospective and current customers.

“We are thrilled that Jenny is supporting our efforts to prepare students for a world where the combination of humans and machines is ever present and required by employers,” said Dr. Kevin O’Mara, dean for the School of Business.

In describing Nicholson’s experience, a colleague noted: “You know how Michael Phelps has a superhuman wingspan and lungs that can hold twice the amount of air as an average human? That’s how Jenny is with ideas. … Her curiosity is what truly sets her apart. While it’s common for successful leaders to rest on their laurels, Jenny is constantly looking for what’s next. And not just in the theoretical sense. She actually lives and thrives in emerging platforms.”