Business students finish in top five of FinTech Challenge

Campbell Business students spent last week competing in the Next in FinTech Community Challenge hosted by Campus Greensboro.  Eight teams from the Lundy Fetterman School of Business originated from the Business Fellows Program led by Dr. Mark Steckbeck and the newly launched Social Entrepreneurship Course led by Professor Scott Kelly.   

Student teams could choose from two community challenges: one related to healthcare and one related to economic relief, with a focus on racial equity.  Throughout the week, industry experts in the fields of innovation, finance, artificial intelligence, and health care led workshops to help students understand the problems and potential solutions.  At the end of the week one Campbell team comprising Laura Care, Jackson Allen, Cameron Heath, Caleb Langdon, and Aaron Schnoor was recognized as a top five team. 

Sophomore Business Fellow and Trust and Wealth Management major Laura Care commented after the event, “The FinTech Competition challenged my team to think outside of the box on how to improve the Telehealth System that already exists with Cone Health. As a team we motivated each other, challenged each other to think deeper, learned from each other, and grew together over the week.  This was my first competition with an amazing team and I would work with again on any given project.”

Jackson Allen, a sophomore Economics and Finance major, said, “The Next in Fin-Tech competition was a very educational experience for me.  This was my first competition in college, so learning how to navigate a challenge like this was very valuable.  The aspect of Fin-Tech relating to healthcare also added a challenge that my team and I had to overcome in our presentation.  I did not know much about this field heading into the competition, but the workshops we attended shed light on the future of Fin-Tech and the endless possibilities surrounding it. I realized how much growth potential there is in this field and I am now inspired to pursue it further.”