Call for Comment – Public Health Program Accreditation

Campbell University 2016 Winter Commencement

The Master of Science in Public Health Program is currently in Applicant status with Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH). An accreditation site visit is scheduled for September 14-15, 2017.  For the next sixty (60) days, CEPH is accepting written comments from stakeholders regarding the MSPH program at Campbell University. 


These comments will be used along with other information during the accreditation review process. Written comments may be submitted through mail or email using the following contact information:


Kristen Varol, Director of Accreditation Services

Council on Education for Public Health

1010 Wayne Avenue, Suite 220

Silver Spring, MD 20910


Comments must be submitted before August 14, 2017.  No comments can be accepted within thirty (30) days of the site visit.


Contact Dr. David Tillman, chair of Department of Public Health, with any questions.


Billy Liggett Director of Publications

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