Campbell art students go the distance at Raleigh Street Painting event

Raleigh, N.C.—The theme was “Go Green,” the medium was chalk and Fayetteville Street in Raleigh was the canvas for Campbell art students Laura Guzman and Maggie Hopf. The students took home an Honorable Mention for their imaginative work at the 12th annual Raleigh Street Painting event held in September.

Co-sponsored by the Visual Art Exchange (VAE), the Street Painting contest is part of ARTspark, an interdisciplinary art and design festival held in downtown Raleigh each year.

Both Laura, a sophomore Graphic Design and Studio Art major from Raleigh, and Maggie, a junior Graphic Design and Studio Art major from Greenville, N.C., said they tried to include several ideas in their painting that would illustrate conservation.

“We added the tree and water for water conservation and for saving trees,” said Guzman. “And we wanted the lightbulb and the recycling symbol to be the main focus of the design,” Hopf said.

Both of the students enjoy art and using their creative minds to implement new ideas, they said. After graduation, Guzman would like to freelance as a graphic designer and become a tattoo artist, while Hopf would love to start her own business designing cards, invitations, announcements and other pieces.

What they love most about the Campbell Graphic Design/Studio Art program is the friendly people and helpful professors who have taught them ways to improve their skills for pursuing future career goals.

“We both like the fact that the Art Department is small and personable,” Hopf said. “We feel that we get more individual help being in a smaller atmosphere that allows us to grow as artists.”

For more information about Campbell’s Graphic Design and Studio Art program, contact Danny Rodgers, associate professor of Art/Design, at 910.893.1584.


Photo Copy:  Maggie Hopf (L) and Laura Guzman pose before their street art in Raleigh.