Campbell Business holds trio of Lundy Lectures

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BUIES CREEK – Campbell Business School recently hosted three Lundy Lectures, with topics including social media, cryptocurrency, and public speaking. The lectures were held at the First Citizens Wealth Management Center and hosted by the Student Success Team.

The Lundy Lecture series is a coordinate effort to expose Campbell Business students to industry trends, new developments, and skills that go above and beyond the lessons learned within the classroom and curriculum. Participants enjoy robust conversation and take advantage of an opportunity to explore the changing tides of today’s business climate.

Campbell Business Professor of Marketing Richard Rubin provided a lecture on social media.

“The goal of the presentation was to communicate that many small and large businesses have had to alter their operational strategies to adapt to how consumers now interact with brands,” said Rubin. “Because of social media, businesses must make their brands more personal, market their products differently and communicate with customers in new ways.”

Fifth-year Trust and MBA student Will Ashburn presented on cryptocurrency and blockchain.

“Understanding the basics of this technology will give students a significant edge when looking for employment opportunities because many employers don’t understand the potential impact that blockchain will have on their respective industries,” said Ashburn. “Being able to articulate that impact to an employer, as well as educating one’s peers about blockchain, will be invaluable in coming years.”

Nancy Hammersley, a Campbell Business adjunct professor, led a series on public speaking.

“Business communication is a skill set employed every single day in the workplace,” said Hammersley. “It is vital in social situations like networking as well as communicating with coworkers, customers, and stakeholders. Public speaking, in particular, is an area of great fear for many. Knowledge of the skills involved and practice can turn a frightened public speaker into a confident professional.”