Campbell Business introduces mock interview simulation

The Lundy-Fetterman School of Business is expanding its space and adding software for students to conduct and succeed in virtual interviews.

“Virtual interviews have increasingly become the ‘norm’ during the pandemic. Campbell’s Business School recognized this trend and knew it had to step up to set up students for success,” said Director of Career Services and Professional Development Jill Williamson.

Campbell Business’ first virtual interview room was added in fall of 2020 and the second in the spring of 2022 as the demand for a quiet, distraction-free space rose.

The Virtual Interview Room spaces have been provided for students to use when interviewing for Graduate School, internships or permanent hire positions. In addition to the space being sound-proofed, all the technology they require has been provided, including a lap-top, webcam, headphones and even a light ring to provide an optimal experience.

Now, as many companies are implementing the use of recorded interviews to “level the playing field” for initial interviews, Campbell Business’ has introduced a Mock Interview simulation to their career readiness arsenal. Students who are familiar, and even more importantly, comfortable, using this type of system, certainly have a greater chance of getting through to the next round of interviews.

The Mock Interview software can be found on CUHired! — Campbell’s one-stop-shop for all things job related from job postings to resume templates — by selecting resources on the left-side panel. Inside this module, students are able to ‘take’ 41 different pre-recorded mock interviews. They can then share their recording — their responses to the questions asked — with a professor or mentor.

This module allows students, from a variety of back grounds and majors, to appropriately prepare for the new world of recorded interviews. It gives them a low stakes introduction to the process, and in turn allows them to excel when it comes to the real deal.

“We’re looking for anything we can provide to give our students an advantage in the interview process,” said Williamson. “These are just a few of the tools Campbell Business School can provide to ease the changes caused by the pandemic.”