Campbell Business launches Corporate Partner Tuition Incentive Program

Business - Corporate Tuition Program

BUIES CREEK – Campbell Business School is launching a new Corporate Partner Tuition Incentive Program to allow area companies and its employees to capitalize on the strength of the school’s programming and graduate degree offerings. Employees of partner companies will be eligible to receive tuition discounts for graduate study in both the Master of Business Administration and the Master of Trust and Wealth Management programs.

“A major emphasis of our program is the team-building, networking aspect of management so encouraging individuals from the same organization to journey through our MBA program makes sense,” said Campbell Business Dean Dr. Kevin O’Mara. “Since collaboration is at the heart of innovation we are looking for ways to build a culture within our MBA program that supports collegiality.”

The amount of the discount is dependent upon the number of partner company employees enrolling in a program. A 10% discount will be applied to two employees, while a 20% discount will be offered if three or more employees enroll.

“For many, the thought of going back to graduate school can be intimidating and overwhelming,” said Campbell Business School Business Operations/MBA Director Somer Johnson. “This opportunity encourages co-workers to enroll together, providing an added level of support and encouragement, which can make the overall process seem less daunting. The cost savings is certainly an added bonus.”

Prospective and current students must obtain a letter from their employer’s human resource office indicating their current employee status and submit that letter to Johnson at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. The number of employees from each partner company will be evaluated at the beginning of each semester to determine the applicable discount.

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