Campbell Business receives $50K scholarship gift from Wells Fargo

BUIES CREEK, North Carolina – Campbell University’s Lundy-Fetterman School of Business received another $50K gift from Wells Fargo Private Bank during the annual “Campbell Day” held on Tuesday, Sept. 15, at the N.C. Trust Center in Winston-Salem.

The gift will support the Wells Fargo Trust Scholarship, which was initially established by the bank in September 2012 to help women and minority students become Trust majors as a part of the Campbell Business Trust & Wealth Management Program.

The 2015-16 Wells Fargo Trust Scholarship was awarded to Mary Crema, Kathleen Hershman, Jazman Jones, Kaylee LaCerda, Lorenzo Person, and Danny Pham.

“In the years ahead there will be a great need for dedicated professionals with good fiduciary training to assist an aging population with wealth management and wealth transfer,” said John Elliott, director of the North Carolina Trust Center in Winston Salem for Wells Fargo Private Bank. “In addition to that, there is a whole generation of Trust professionals who will be retiring in the coming years and Campbell is training up the next generation of talented and caring Trust professionals.

Thus far, Wells Fargo has invested $175,000 in the Campbell Business program, which is the only undergraduate trust program of its kind in the nation.

“Our entire business school community is appreciative of the support and stewardship that Wells Fargo has provided to us,” said Campbell Business Dean Keith Faulkner. “Their support has helped paved the way for the next generation of trust professionals, many of which will no doubt one day call Wells Fargo home.”

“We are delighted to have partnered with our friends at Wells Fargo for almost 50 years,” said Campbell Business Chairman of the Department of Financial Planning & Accounting and Director of the Trust & Wealth Management Program Jimmy Witherspoon. “The core values of Wells Fargo mirror image the core values of Campbell University. Wells Fargo’s incredibly generous gift of yet another $50,000 to the Wells Fargo Trust Scholarship Fund at Campbell University is just overwhelming. Wells Fargo has made such an impact already on the lives of our best and brightest students by endowing the scholarship. On behalf of the university, the Campbell Business, and, most importantly, our students I would like to thank all of our friends at Wells Fargo.”

Campbell Business students annually make the trip to learn about career options at Wells Fargo. Many end up applying for internships and later going on to careers with the company. This year, 100 students and five faculty made the trip — hosted by nearly 40 team members who served as guides, presenters, and in other roles.

Since Campbell created the major in 1968, more than 200 alumni have joined Wells Fargo, including 35 at the N.C. Trust Center.