Campbell Business welcomes inaugural class of Master of Accountancy students

This fall, Campbell Business officially welcomed its inaugural class into the newly launched Master of Accountancy graduate program. The Master of Accountancy (MAcc) program offers a concentration in Financial Planning and Taxation for students seeking careers in a variety of financial industries. Embedded in this 12month program is also the opportunity to sit for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) exam, the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam and the Personal Financial Specialist exam upon the completion of the program (students can opt for a slower, 24-month program as well).   

The Campbell MAcc program is the nation’s only program in which graduates are prepared to sit for both the CPA and CFP exams upon graduation. 

Welcoming the first cohort of MAcc students is the highlight of my fall semester,” said Program Director Pamela Strickland. “The MAcc program concentration on financial planning and taxation will provide these students a wide variety of employment options after graduation. The CPA and CFP certifications coupled with the MAcc degree set our graduates apart and will provide the broadest range of opportunity for professional and personal success.” 

Alexa Kallesten, one of the program’s first students, said, “Campbell’s MAcc program at the Raleigh campus is a great mixture of financial planning and accounting, both of which I have an interest in pursuing after graduation. Once I have completed the program, I hope to have completed a few sections of the CPA exam as well as begin to prepare for the CFP exam. I would recommend this program to any undergraduate student majoring in accounting, or that has an interest in accounting or financial planning.”

The Master of Accountancy program offers students a unique educational opportunity that will serve a population of students who aspire to stand out among their peers, who favor a differentiated educational experience and who wish to significantly increase academic and professional expertise.  

Students interested in applying for the program can find more information at