Campbell Club reads to Harnett Manor Residents

Campbell University’s Mabel Powell English Club read to the residents of Harnett Manor on Nov. 18, 2009. The students read Psalms, Bible verses and poems to the residents, and the residents shared their stories with the students. The students discovered two of the residents had fought in the Korean War and in light of Veteran’s Day thanked them for their service to our country.

“Booker T. Washington said, ‘the folks that are the happiest are those that do the most for others.’ Through service learning, students give back to the community in light of the University’s mission statement,” Nathan Salsbury, English instructor and leader of the club. “Through service projects, students also learn the important lesson that it’s better to give than receive.”

To be a member of the Mabel Powell English club you don’t have to be an English major, just have an appreciation for literature.