Campbell joins Common App to streamline student application process

Campbell University is one of the 29 colleges and universities joining Common App — a program that streamlines the application process for prospective students — for spring and fall 2024 main campus first-year student enrollment. Campbell was officially added to the organization, which serves more than 1,000 higher ed institutions worldwide, on Aug. 1.

Common App is a non-profit membership organization that connects applicants and those who support them to “a wide array of public and private colleges and universities across all 50 U.S. states, and 20 countries.”

According to the company, more than a million students — a third of whom are first-generation — apply to college, research financial aid and scholarships, and connect to college counseling resources through Common App. The organization says it lowers “logistical and systemic barriers” to college access, serves a diverse group of students and schools and makes the overall application process “logical and joyful.”

“Common App has been around for over 50 years — it existed pre-internet — and it’s steadily grown to become the leading common tool used by colleges and college-bound students applying for admission,” said Dr. David Mee, vice president for enrollment management at Campbell University. “It not only provides convenience, but it also provides more information for students to fully discern a potential good fit.”

According to Mee, students who register with Common App may apply to multiple colleges and universities simultaneously (with one primary application). Common App also provides round-the-clock support, connects students to financial aid and scholarship information, helps with online portfolios and has access to “a vast library of counselor resources available in English or Spanish.”

“There’s no question that many institutions experience an uptick in freshmen first-year applications in the initial year of use,” Mee said. “In some cases, students will discover Campbell through the program,” because of programs that match with majors or a student’s interests.

“It’s great exposure for us,” he added.

In 2019, Common App united with Reach Higher, the college access and success campaign started by former First Lady Michelle Obama during her time at the White House. Its core programming — including Better Make Room, College Signing Day, school counselor support and current grants — continues as part of the Common App’s work with its member institutions, school counselors and students.

The 29 new schools added to Common App hail from 18 states and the District of Columbia, and 10 are minority-serving institutions.