Campbell junior writes winning “Family of the Year” essay on learning to trust God

Campbell University junior Ashley Jones had her sights set on going to Campbell from the beginning of her senior year in high school. In fact, the business and accounting major from Rocky Mount, N.C., was so focused on Campbell, she didn’t even apply to other schools. Then in October of that year, her father had a stroke that devastated the family both emotionally and financially. “My dad lost most of the feeling on the right side of his body and was unable to return to work,” Jones said. “Not only was it my senior year, but college was soon approaching. There were senior year expenses in addition to college tuition to consider. Even though I wanted the kind of Christian atmosphere that Campbell offered, I considered going to a public university.” In spite of her father’s illness, Jones’ parents Rufus and Elizabeth Jones refused to let her give up on her dream. They encouraged her to follow her heart and go to college where she felt comfortable. “God will provide,” they said. With her excellent academic record, Jones was able to obtain Campbell’s Presidential Scholarship and various other scholarships without having to assume a heavy financial burden. She found employment with Campbell’s food service company, ARAMARK Corporation. And recently, when she stumbled across an essay contest on the Campbell Web site requesting students write about the role family plays in higher education, Jones was able to obtain even more help. As the winner of Campbell’s “Family of the Year” essay contest, Jones received additional financial aid through a book scholarship from Barnes & Noble campus book store. She also got free game tickets, a plaque and her essay was featured on the Campbell Web site. But the real satisfaction of winning was getting the opportunity to express to others what her parents mean to her. “Not only have my parents provided enormous financial support, but they have, supported me both emotionally and spiritually,” Jones wrote. “Through the trials, their love has never lessened or wavered. They told me to go wherever God was leading me and to do His will for my life—to search God’s heart and lean not on my own understanding. I am even more blessed because they revealed to me that which they find in Jesus alone—faith and unconditional love.” Jones is enrolled in the 3/2 program at Campbell’s Lundy-Fetterman School of Business. The program combines both undergraduate and graduate work in a five-year curriculum in which students receive both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Business Administration. Jones is also a member of the Accounting Club at Campbell and Campus Crusade for Christ. In addition, she is active in her church, Red Bud Baptist in Castalia, N.C.Photo Copy: Campbell junior, Ashley Jones, proudly displays the plaque she received for her winning “Family of the Year” essay. From left, Dr. Dennis Bazemore, vice president for Student Life, Rufus Jones, Ashley, Elizabeth Jones, and Jones’ brother Ferrell.

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