Campbell Law hosts annual scholarship luncheon for scholarship donors, recipients

Photo of Dean Leonard speaking at podium at Scholarship Luncheon

RALEIGH – Campbell Law School held its annual appreciation luncheon for scholarship donors and their recipients on Tuesday, March 5. More than 100 donors, alumni, students, faculty and staff members attended the event, including numerous distinguished Campbell Law alumni and former faculty members.

Hosted by Dean J. Rich Leonard, the event’s invocation was given by Ashlynn Nelson ‘24, a Macie Freeze Law Endowment Scholarship recipient.

Leonard provided a brief overview of some of the law school’s recent achievements including the fact Campbell Law is now virtually tied with the University of North Carolina School of Law as the second largest law school in the state.

Photo of Dean Leonard talking to Anna Hedgepeth '13 and Will Sparks '24“This is one of my favorite days of the year at the law school,” he said. “Our many benefactors take great pride in the law school’s accomplishments and have been exceedingly generous. Today is about scholarships and they are more crucial than ever as competitive scholarships among schools have escalated. What you do here is so essential in allowing us to attract and keep our best and brightest. My profound thanks to all of you for what you have done, what you continue to do and for joining us today.”

The annual event is a significant one for the law school, as it provides an opportunity for scholarship donors and recipients to meet and interact, in many instances for the first time, including Anna Hedgepeth ‘13 and Student Bar Association (SBA) President Will Sparks ‘24. Hedgepeth helped shepherd the funding for the SBA President Scholarship. “My hope is the scholarship will incentivize other leaders to step up,” she said. “It is an absolute joy for me to meet with the current SBA president. I love to hear what our future legal leaders are up to.”

Sparks added that his favorite part of Campbell Law is the students. “So to be in a position to serve the students and get rewarded for it is amazing,” he said. “I am so grateful.”

The luncheon serves as a platform for fellowship, as well as celebrating the hard work of law students throughout the academic year and the foresight of Campbell Law donors.

Jaden Grimes ‘24, who is a Henry London Anderson Law Scholarship recipient, talked about how scholarships allow for the pursuit of justice.

Photo of Campbell Law student speaker Jaden Grimes '24“This three-year journey that we have all undertaken is a huge financial investment that can sometimes bring more stress but you all’s generosity gives us that much less stress and allows us that much more motivation to pursue justice as we should,” he said.

“We couldn’t do it without your generosity and specifically for me is the generosity of Mr. Henry London Anderson, whose legacy in Fayetteville and throughout the state cannot be overstated. Candidly, that scholarship allows me to not worry about how am I going to pay for my phone bill, my wifi, or my electricity? So on behalf of myself, AT&T and Spectrum, we sincerely thank you. But seriously, I would not have the success I have had in law school without your generosity.”

Photo of student Taylor Norton '24

Another third-year student, Taylor Norton, is the recipient of the Robert A. Jenkins Law Scholarship. “Profession Jenkins was a fearsome advocate, who helped instill Campbell as one of the strongest advocacy programs in the nation,” she explained. “Professor Jenkins invested his time, expertise and, most importantly, his passion into crafting an advocacy program that still guides students at Campbell Law School. Although I did not have the opportunity to be a student in Professor Jenkins’ class, I have benefitted from his influence. 

“I speak for myself and the students who could not be more grateful for each and everyone of the scholarships we have received. You as donors have created a legacy of compassion and considerate future lawyers…a reminder to always reach back to pick up the next generation of lawyers.”

Anna V. Stearns ‘18 also had the chance to meet the recipient of her endowed scholarship Jesse Osborn, who is a second-year FLEX JD student. “I love having the opportunity to meet with my scholarship recipient,” Stearns said.

Photo of Anna Stearns '18 and Jesse Osborn FLEX JD StudentOsborn added that she enjoyed getting to know her scholarship donor with whom she shares some similar experiences.

The scholarship luncheon photo gallery can be found on Campbell Law’s Facebook page at this link.




Since its founding in 1986, Campbell Law has developed lawyers who possess moral conviction, social compassion, and professional competence, and who view the law as a calling to serve others. Among its accolades, the school has been recognized by the American Bar Association (ABA) as having the nation’s top Professionalism Program and by the American Academy of Trial Lawyers for having the nation’s best Trial Advocacy Program. Campbell Law boasts more than 4,800 alumni, who make their home in nearly all 50 states and beyond. In 2024, Campbell Law is celebrating 45 years of graduating legal leaders and 15 years of being located in a state-of-the-art facility in the heart of North Carolina’s Capital City.