Campbell Law launches 3+3 program

RALEIGH, North Carolina – Campbell Law Dean J. Rich Leonard has announced that the law school now has an accelerated dual degree option for students seeking to earn undergraduate and juris doctor degrees in record time. Under the 3+3 accelerated dual degree program with Campbell University students can earn both degrees in six years rather than seven.

“This program ensures that top students who are certain that law is in their future can reach their goal in less time with less expense,” said Leonard.

Students enrolled the 3+3 accelerated dual degree program are enrolled in undergraduate courses throughout their first three years of studies. After successfully completing 104 hours they matriculate into the law school as first year students. Twenty hours of law school classes will then count towards the undergraduate degree as free electives, ultimately satisfying the requirements for a bachelor’s degree. At the completion of the first year of law school, participating students will receive a bachelor of arts in liberal arts from Campbell University.

The program is currently only open to eligible liberal arts majors; however, the law school is actively evaluating other areas of study.

The 3+3 accelerated dual degree program provides an attractive pathway for students to the legal profession with career advancement opportunities. No additional faculty or facilities are needed for the program to operate successfully.

Campbell Law School is currently in discussions with universities and colleges throughout North Carolina regarding similar program arrangements.