Campbell Law launches crowdfunding campaign for bar stipends

RALEIGH – As the North Carolina Bar Exam increases in difficulty, Campbell Law is doing more than ever to position our graduates for success. Faculty members worked together to teach a new course geared toward seven subjects tested on the Multistate Bar Exam and the Campbell Law Alumni Association hosted a picnic for upcoming test takers as a show of support.

But there’s more to be done.

“Nearly all law school graduates have horrid memories of the summer after walking across the stage,” said Campbell Law Dean J. Rich Leonard. “Not only were we spending every waking moment preparing for the bar exam, but those tense times were exacerbated for many of us because we were also broke.”

That’s why Campbell Law is launching the BELIEVE. FEED. SUCCEED. crowdfunding initiative. All money raised will go directly to recent graduates currently preparing for the bar exam.

We BELIEVE in the capacity of our recent graduates to uphold Campbell Law’s history of success on the bar exam. We BELIEVE that you want to help.

The majority of recent graduates have no employment or financial assistance as they devote their time and effort to bar prep. For many, the financial strain weighs on their minds endlessly. Many of our alumni recall being in the same position. Your generous support will allow our students to FEED, providing a resource for food, as well as assisting with utility bills and other necessary life expenses.

“I remember studying for the bar in the summer of 2016,” said 2016 graduate Evin Grant. “Although employed, I was unable to work because of the demand of the bar exam. For two and a half months, I was at the mercy of money that I saved throughout the school year. As July approached, that money started getting low and I had to resort to using credit cards.

“Once I received the bar stipend at the end of the summer, I was able to bring my credit cards current and fill my refrigerator with more than cereal and bananas. As part of the Campbell Law community, I feel it is important to always reach back and help others succeed, in the same manner those before me have helped me.”

Our end game is to increase the ability for our graduates to SUCCEED on the bar exam by providing assistance to ease their minds, narrow their focus on bar prep, and offer support. Our graduates SUCCEED in the classroom in large part due to our close-knit community, which extends off campus to our caring and compassionate alums.

For complete details, or to make a contribution, visit the BELIEVE. FEED. SUCCEED. campaign page by clicking this link. All proceeds raised will go directly to recent graduates studying for the bar exam who have completed a required number of bar prep-related activities.