Campbell Law, NC State Poole College launch JD/MAC dual degree program

RALEIGH – Campbell Law School and the NC State University Poole College of Management have announced the formation of a second dual degree program between the two institutions. The new program, which will begin with the fall 2017 semester, allows students to pursue and obtain a Juris Doctor at Campbell Law and a Master of Accounting at NC State Poole College simultaneously. The JD/MAC marks Campbell Law’s seventh dual degree offering.


“In my years on the bankruptcy bench, lawyers in complex business cases who had accounting backgrounds were enormously effective,” said Campbell Law Dean J. Rich Leonard. “Many major accounting firms are now hiring lawyers in significant numbers. This new partnership with the NC State Poole College’s Jenkins Master of Accounting Program allows us to create yet another avenue by which our students can pursue alternative careers to those of traditional law practice, and we believe the opportunities will be there for the taking especially given the reputations of the two programs involved.”


“We are pleased to partner again with Campbell Law to provide students the opportunity to obtain high levels of expertise in two increasingly complementary fields. Accounting firms are dealing more and more with legal issues stemming from financial regulations, and law firms are finding that they cannot provide the best legal advice in the absence of a strong business and financial skill set on their team,” said Annette Ranft, dean and Stephen P. Zelnak Jr. Chair at the NC State Poole College of Management. “This new dual degree program will provide a greater depth of knowledge and increase participants’ value in the marketplace.”


The JD/MAC program instills students with legal skills, business acumen, critical thinking, ethical conviction and intellectual leadership in a global and technology-savvy marketplace. Ideal students will hold an undergraduate degree in accounting but this is not required. Prospective students will be prepared for a competitive advantage in corporate, financial and government positions as well as other employers who seek attorneys and counselors well-grounded in accounting, tax and business principles. Six hours of accounting classes will be applied towards the JD, while 12 hours of law classes will count towards the Jenkins MAC degree.


Campbell Law offers seven dual degree programs – four with Campbell University and three with NC State University – in an effort to provide students with maximum exposure and preparedness for a wide assortment of career opportunities in the fields that continue to shape the economy.


In addition to the JD/MAC, Campbell Law also offers a Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration dual degree program with both NC State University’s Poole College of Management and Campbell University’s Lundy-Fetterman School of Business, as well as a Juris Doctor/Master of Public Administration with NC State University’s School of Public & International Affairs, a Juris Doctor/Master of Trust & Wealth Management with Campbell University’s Lundy-Fetterman School of Business, a Juris Doctor/Master of Science in Public Health with Campbell University’s College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences and Juris Doctor/Master of Divinity with Campbell University’s Divinity School. Planning is underway for an eighth dual degree between the law school and the NC State University Department of Social Work.


The Jenkins Master of Accounting Program is one of six Jenkins Graduate Programs offered by the NC State Poole College of Management.  The college also offers the Jenkins Master of Business Administration, Jenkins Master of Global Innovation Management, Jenkins Master of Global Luxury Management, and masters and doctoral degrees in economics.