Campbell Law ranks 15th nationally for ultimate bar passage per ABA

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RALEIGH — New data released by the American Bar Association (ABA) shows that Campbell Law School ranks 15th nationally on ultimate bar passage, which indicates bar exam passage within two years of graduation.

Of the 140 Campbell Law graduates from the class of 2015 who have sat for the bar exam, 97.86 percent (137 graduates) have successfully passed. Campbell Law’s ultimate bar passage rate for the class of 2015 is the highest of all North Carolina law schools.

“We certainly want every student that enrolls at Campbell Law School to pass the bar exam the first time they sit for it, but the reality is that bar exams have become increasingly difficult, pass rates have declined, and it’s simply not realistic,” said Dean J. Rich Leonard. “We tell prospective students from the moment that they begin the admissions process, as well as our current students throughout their three years here, that we will stick with them until they get their license. This report shows that we are true to our word, and that we take this commitment as seriously as possible.”

An in-depth explanation of the data, as well as complete figures from all law schools, can be found via this clickable link on the ABA website.

Top 20 Ultimate Bar Passage Rates per ABA Data:
1. Baylor University – 100%
2. University of Wisconsin – 100%
3. University of Pennsylvania – 99.57%
4. Marquette University – 99.55%
5. University of Virginia – 99.44%
6. Yale University – 98.97%
7. University of Chicago – 98.96%
8. University of Washington – 98.95%
9. Stanford University – 98.91%
10. University of Iowa – 98.50%
11. Harvard University – 98.43%
12. University of Michigan – 98.28%
13. University of Florida – 98.03%
14. Florida International University – 97.87%
15. Campbell Law School – 97.86%
16. University of Connecticut – 97.83%
17. UC Berkeley – 97.75%
18. University of Kansas – 97.67%
19. University of Missouri – 97.58%
20. Ohio State University – 97.53%