Campbell Library moves to Wiggins Hall

Buies Creek, N.C.—How does one go about moving an entire library? With careful planning, emphasized Campbell Library Director Borree Kwok. Kwok is coordinating the move of the Campbell Library this week from the Carrie Rich Memorial Building on the edge of campus to the newly renovated Wiggins Hall at campus center.Wiggins Hall was the home of the Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law before the school relocated to Raleigh.

The size of the move is daunting, Kwok said. There are over one million items to be moved including over 241,000 books, journals and government documents; 934,000 microforms; and approximately 8,000 items of audio/visual materials such as CDs, DVDs, VHS, audio books and teaching aid materials.

“All of the major departments of the Physical Plant are involved,” Kwok said. “General Services is moving our offices and library equipment and the Audio-Visual Department is installing new electronic equipment such as LCD monitors in study rooms, electronic bulletin boards on each floor, an Idea Lab with video, audio and design-related software and other equipment.”

Other Physical Plant departments such as Telecommunications, Locksmith, Painting and Electrical are also involved.  Campbell’s Computing Services Department is working to ensure the performance of the wireless network in the building and installing a network of over 110 library computers and equipment. Servers for the library were relocated on May 17 through the coordinated efforts of both Computing Services and the Physical Plant. Storr, a professional moving company, is relocating the library’s collections.

The move ensures a gain of approximately 90 percent more square footage and 69 percent more shelving capacity, added Kwok. Seating capacity is also doubled from 292 to 584. As a result, the space allows for several new functional areas including 10 group study rooms, designated quiet study areas, a 24-hour access study area complete with student lounge featuring high-end snacks and drinks such as Star-Bucks Coffee, periodicals reading and display area and faculty research carrels.

“The library staff is enthused by the relocation and the opportunity to have this new space to better serve our students,” Kwok said. “This library is both beautiful and practical. I hope that it will become one of the many Campbell landmarks that our students will be proud of.”



Photo Copy: The foyer of the new Campbell University Library location