Campbell Love Stories

Gaylord and Gladys (pictured above) aren’t the only ones who met and fell in love in Buies Creek. We took to social media a few weeks ago to ask our Facebook community how they met their loved one, spouse, or best friend during their time on campus.

Here’s what they had to say:

Craig Lloyd: My wife and I were the mascots Gaylord and Gladys between 1990 – 1993. A highlight of our time was mascoting during the Duke NCAA game. GoCamels.

Alicia Phillips: My husband was a soccer player, and I was a cross country/track runner. We literally grew up on opposite sides of the same county and did not know each other. I still remember what he had for lunch at Marshbanks (3 compartments of corn and 2 pieces of fried chicken), when a mutual friend introduced us. We hit it off instantly, dated for 3.5 years, and have now been married for almost 9 years and have 4 amazing children!!! We love Campbell for many reasons and miss our time there, for sure!!!

Melissa Oliver: My husband, Scooter, and I both played soccer at Campbell from 2011-2014. We met during preseason our freshmen year through girls on my team that had gone to high school with him. That first time I met him he was kicked out of the girls’ dorm since none of us realized visiting hours hadn’t officially started! It took some convincing from teammates, but we finally realized God had created us with each other in mind. We recently got married in June of last year.

Jonathan Bushhouse: My wife and I both had Teaching Fellows together for the four years we were at Campbell but we actually had assigned seats next to each other on our first day of college. 8AM Western Civ with Dr. Martin. I proposed in the Bell Tower and we were married in between our Junior and Senior years.

Amanda Raquel Moxley:  We met on 11/11/11. My best friend from Day Hall was asked to a birthday dinner by an upper classmen and I ended up being her wing girl while my husband happened to be the wing man for said Birthday boy. We all went out to Raleigh that night but quickly became friends and almost every day for the rest of the semester we would eat lunch at Shouse or occasionally Marshbanks and we would walk to D Rich for classes and during Bryan Hall’s visiting hours, we would watch some of my favorite TV shows. He was even my date to the Christmas Tree Lighting that first fall together.

Marcey Bell: An exchange student who went to my future husband, John’s, high school attended Campbell with John and several others of their peers. This exchange student was a friend of mine from my first class, Theater. On the day that I failed my very first college test (Biology 101) for which I had studied quite a lot, I was pretty heartbroken and homesick. I lived in Day Hall at the time, and I decided to go have a sit at the fountain to look through my biology book and understand how I could have studied better. My exchange student friend and John walked by, and my friend told me hello. I didn’t pay much attention to John that day as I was pretty upset about failing that test. My husband says that as they walked away from me at the fountain that day, he asked if his friend had intentions of dating me. When he responded no, John said, “I’m going to date her then.”

Flash forward a few weeks later in Biology Lab, I decided to sit at a different table to work with a different lab partner. John was seated across from me. I didn’t remember him at all, just thought he was pretty handsome. One day, we didn’t finish our lab write up, and he started talking to me as we were being dismissed. He said, “Hey, haven’t we met before?” I said, “Nope.” He went on to say that he was sure we had met at the Day fountain a few weeks ago and that we should get together at the Oasis to finish our write ups together. I met him the next day, and the rest is history.

Now, we’ve been together for 11.5 years, graduated for almost 8 years, and been married for almost 6 years. We have a one year old little girl. Here’s a photo of us all at homecoming last fall sitting in the very spot John and I first met.

Chad Godwin:  Well, I met my wife through flag football. She was the player and I was a coach! (And a cheerleader along with Dr. Everhart- we have a beautiful picture of that somewhere including the yearbook I think). Anyway, we fell in love in 1990 and been together since. I proposed at Powell Dorm- but not in the dorm, because I was on a 35 ft ladder from the fire truck at her window. I would probably serve 5 years in jail for a stunt like that now! I guess Campbell has been a big part of our lives and we just can’t leave it! Now our oldest daughter wants to be a Camel too.

Todd Blake: My wife, Kimberly, and I met in 1999 in front of Day Dorm. It was her 3rd day on campus. After 3 years of hanging around Day, I finally found my Day Doll.

Caitlin West: I met my husband through a wonderful friend, Melissa Psaltis back in 2009. Daniel and I got married in Butler Chapel in 2011 and he now teaches adjunct at Campbell RTP campus. Keeping our home close to our new one.

Amanda Schneider Coppedge:I I met my husband, Stephen, in the graphic design lab over 10 years ago. He started a conversation by asking about the camera I had. I thought he was strange at first because he had red hair and a lifted orange jeep. Our relationship blossomed over spontaneous trips to Wilmington and late nights working on art projects. We started dating in 2005, were married in 2008, and had our first child – a beautiful baby girl – in 2016. We have so many memories at CU and look forward to sharing them with our sweet girl.

Rudy Cox: Campbell University has played an important role in our love story. Josh and I met in Marshbanks Dining Hall our freshman year. I was the inreach coordinator for

Ignite Student Ministry so immediately invited him to Ignite that evening for worship. After worship, those who could, gathered to pray for a fellow student who had had a seizure during an intramural game the day before. When I heard Josh pray with sincerity for someone he had never met, I knew I wanted this man in my life! It was apparently mutual as he asked me to be his girlfriend on February 14 in the Y-lot (freshman parking stinks) on our way back from a date. Our first kiss was in Shouse dining hall and the first time we said I love you was outside of Sauls residence hall. We attended countless formals, dances, midnight breakfasts, Christmas tree lightings, worship services. We worked on the yearbook staff together, took Biology together, grew together. Our junior year, he asked me to marry him. And on a beautiful December day during our senior year, we committed to spend our lives together in covenant marriage. (Our maid of honor and best man were both Camels as well.) We returned to finish our senior year and graduate as Mr and Mrs, an honor we cherish greatly. Josh also completed his masters of divinity at Campbell Divinity School three and a half years later. We are now serving God together and loving our roles as parents…and Campbell alum! Go Camels!

Kimberly Harris Abramo: Michael and I met through mutual friends when he was a freshman and I was a sophomore in 1991! We spent all night talking on the steps of Burkot dorm! We had our first kiss on the Campbell wall near Kivett… and that is where he proposed to me 5 years later!!

Brittany Lee: I met my husband in the fall of 2006 at Baptist Student Union. He was sharing his story of his time as a youth minister the previous summer and I thought he was kind of cute. We went to Sunni Skies that night and never looked back. I pitched on the softball team at Campbell and he proposed to me in January of 2010 in the pitcher’s circle of the softball field. We got married in December of 2010 and had our daughter in November of 2015.

Beth Cockman-Wood: My husband and I met at the Divinity School new student cookout/picnic. We married in 2006 and our daughter was born in 2012. Retired Campbell professor, Dr. Roy DeBrand, officiated at our wedding and our daughter’s baby dedication service.

Taylor Miron: I played soccer at Campbell university and met my now husband through a teammate! We started dating in 2009 and got married in 2014! We always credit Campbell for bringing us together and can’t imagine life any other way!


Lipika Chablani:  Both Vijay and I came to the Creek in 2006 as a part of the MSPS program with the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences. Both of us were from India, but did not know each other and were introduced during our tenure at Campbell. We became great friends and continued to graduate school in Atlanta, earned our PhDs in pharmaceutical sciences and got married few years ago. We have a seven month old daughter now and we always reminisce our days at Campbell! Thanks for bringing us together! Happy Valentines Day!