Campbell Med celebrates 100% placement on Residency Match Day

Sixty-five percent of the Class of 2019 will practice in primary medicine; 56 percent will practice in the Southeast

Tears of joy, hugs and lots of high-fives were abundant on March 15 in McCall Court at Campbell University as 153 medical students opened their envelopes revealing where they were accepted into residency.

Campbell’s fourth-year medical students joined thousands of students nationwide on Match Day, where each individual learned where they will continue their medical training after graduation in May. One-hundred percent of the Class of 2019 will continue their careers as residents at hospitals across the country beginning this summer.

“We could not be more pleased with the residency match results for the Class of 2019,” said Dr. John M. Kauffman Jr., founding dean of the Jerry M. Wallace School of Osteopathic Medicine.  “We are proud to have 56 percent of the class continuing their training the southeastern United States — 37 of them here in North Carolina.”

After the students found out their results, they shared their good news with family, friends and classmates by filling out their “I Matched” commemorative signs, taking photos with “Dr. Gaylord,” and sharing photos on social media, tagged with #MatchDay2019.

“The class was almost evenly split between university and community hospital programs,” Kauffman said. “We will have graduates continuing their training at Campbell, Duke, Baylor and East Carolina residency programs, as well as Cone Health, Novant Health, New Hanover Regional Medical Center and Carolinas Health system — to only name a few.”

Kauffman said 65 percent of the 153 graduates will train in primary medicine, while others will pursue highly competitive specialties, ranging from anesthesiology to neurosurgery.

Download complete Match Day placement data here.

Dr. Robin King-Thiele, associate dean for graduate medical education, called this year’s Match Day “a great day for the Class of 2019 and for all Campbell residency programs. She said all 96 positions for new residents were filled at Southeastern Health in Lumberton, Cape Fear Valley Health in Fayetteville, Sampson Regional Medical Center in Clinton and Harnett Health locations in Lillington and Dunn.  

“Today’s results are essential to Campbell Medicine fulfilling the mission of meeting rural North Carolina’s health care needs,” King-Thiele said, “because statistics tell us at least half of the 96 will remain within 100 miles of these residency programs to practice medicine.”

Ryan Arias of Long Beach, New York, said he will move on to Harnett Health for a residency in family medicine after graduation. He said he knew family medicine was for him after his third-year rotation with Dr. Brad Butler, a family physician in Angier.

“I enjoyed the small town environment,” Arias said. “Dr. Butler and the [physician assistants] knew all of the patients beyond their lab numbers and patient profiles; they knew them as a person. I love the depth and breadth of family medicine — there are no limits on what I will see with my patients.”

Arias said Campbell was at the top of his residency rankings because of Dr. Ryan Hudson, the family medicine residency program director for the medical school.

“Dr. Hudson is a phenomenal program director, fantastic teacher and great person,” Arias said.  “Since January, my wife, new baby and I have been waiting for this moment, and today when I opened the envelope and saw ‘Campbell University’ [for my residency], I knew this is where I need to be and where I belong.”


By The Numbers

  • Number of graduates in class of 2019: 153
  • Percentage of medical students who matched into residency: 100%
  • Matched into primary care: 65%
    • Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, OBGYN, Psychiatry, General Surgery
  • Matched to programs in North Carolina: 25%
  • Matched to programs in the Southeast: 56%
  • Available Campbell residency positions in North Carolina rural communities: 96 (100% filled)
  • Matched to programs that serve Campbell’s mission: 100%

Download full Match Day statistics for Campbell University


Dylan Skinner, general surgery, Cape Fear Valley Health — “I’m really excited to start my general surgery residency at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center. The experience and training I received at Cape Fear during clinical rotations surpassed all other medical centers where I rotated and interviewed. I have a lot of confidence that this program will prepare me well for the field of general surgery.”

Sheena Coffee, family medicine, Harnett Health — “I feel very fortunate to be given this opportunity to become a part of such a great program at Harnett Health. I’m looking forward to working with an amazing group of faculty, staff and fellow residents.”