Campbell medical students place 1st and 2nd at research symposium

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C.Students and residents of Campbell Medicine presented 16 of 44 research presentations at the 7th Annual Camp LeJeune Medical Research Symposium May 25-26, 2017.

Karl Woodard and Sarah Johns, both Health Professions Scholars in the United States Navy, were awarded second place for their research case report poster presentation. Campbell medical student, Jared Fernandez, placed first with a poster presentation about clinical investigation and second with a podium presentation.

“The research behind my podium presentation, Effect of Variable Voltage within the Modified Electronic Cigarette, is ongoing, as I am collaborating with a manufacturer in San Diego, CA to examine these effects within a chemistry manufacturing environment,” said Fernandez. “It was great to see where I was as a first-year medical student compared to students in residency programs.”

The award winners were among 16 Campbell University medical students and residents from Campbell affiliate hospitals.

“Our research has direct relevance to rescue protocol in the military and emergency medical fields. It was exciting to participate in a professional collaboration between CUSOM and the Navy,” said second-year medical student Karl Woodward. The presentation was so well received that they were encouraged to present this material at conferences held by the Special Operations Medical Association (SOMA) and EMS World. Eventually, Woodward plans to publish the material in ophthalmic and emergency medicine journals.


Poster presentations
  • Nicholas Campbell, second-year medical student, Differential diagnosis of thyroid nodules
  • Alisha Epley, second-year medical student, Skeletal muscle degeneration in the setting of  senile amyloidosis 
  • Jared Fernandez, first-year medical student, NFAT5 is differentially regulated in the brain and bladder of rats fed a 4% NaCl, 8% NaCl, and a 64% fructose diet
  • Tausha Allen, second-year medical student, Visceral manipulation of a hiatal hernia 
  • Caroline Mears, second-year medical student, Etiology and pathogenesis of abdominal aortic aneurysms
  • Marlie Patel, second-year medical student, Pathological analysis of a pulmonary nodule: A case report
  • Clare Unruh, third-year medical student, Inclusion body myositis with paget disease of bone and frontotemporal dementia
  • Keiko Wadsworth and Sabrina Tavella, third-year medical students, Modifiable risk factors of memory and cognitive impairment: The relationship between stroke and dementia
  • Karl Woodard, second-year medical student, Positional asphyxia: A case report
  • Dr. Kendall Hennard, Sampson Regional Medical Center, MOPSE: A new gold standard or functional flop in OMT research?
  • Dr. Byron Ingram, Southeastern Health, Dynamic dyspnea or asthma?
  • Dr. Meredith Beeler, Southeastern Health, Ureteritis Cystica: A rare, benign ureteral lesion and Atypical case of testicular cancer in a 60-year-old male resident
  • Dr. Jon McFarland, Southeastern Health, Malignant priapism
Podium presentations
  • Jared Fernandez, first-year medical student, Carcinogenic compounds created by the vaporization of electronic cigarette liquid: Effects of variable voltage within the modified electronic cigarette 
  • Jonathan Vanadore, second-year medical student, The use of technology to evaluate the injured runner