Campbell Medicine announces academic awards for the Class of 2020

Traditionally, graduation week at Campbell’s School of Osteopathic Medicine opens on Monday evening with an awards banquet. However, continued shelter-in-place and social distancing protocols to combat COVID-19 led to the cancellation of today’s live, formal celebration. In lieu of the event, award recipients are announced below. 

Please join us in celebrating the outstanding achievements of the members of the Class of 2020, faculty and staff listed below and extending congratulations to all of our 2020 graduates.

Student Awards
Dean’s Award – Nina Shander
Distinguished Pre-Clinical Scholar Award – Jenna Tatham
Global Health Award – Alanna Marie D’Amelio
Dr. Jerry M. Wallace Award – James Thomas Muller and Justyne Hammond Murphy
Student Research Award – Erin Fredrickson and Megan Nicole Kummerlowe
Dr. William F. Morris Award – Benjamin W. Benzing

Faculty and Staff Awards
Biomedical Faculty Award – Dr. Yen-Ping Kuo
Clinical Faculty Award – Dr. Andrea Mann
Outstanding Staff Award – Ms. Jennifer Parrish O’Dell
Mace Bearer – Dr. Andrea Mann
Faculty Marshall – Dr. Craig Fowler

Preceptor of the Year by Region
Carteret – Dr. David Jaworski, Carteret Health Care
Fayetteville – Dr. Bhaskar Chhetri, Cape Fear Valley Medical Center
Goldsboro – Dr. Subodh Pal, Sampson Regional Medical Center
Harnett – Dr. Christopher Stewart, Central Harnett Hospital
Lumberton – Dr. Fasil Mohomed, Lumberton Children’s Clinic
Raleigh – Dr. Andrew Buzan, WakeMed Physician Practices
Salisbury – Dr. Abayomi Agbebi, Novant Health Infections Disease Specialist

Distinguished Student of the Region:
Carteret – Robert Charles Nallenweg
Fayetteville – Taylor Renbarger
Goldsboro – Christopher Michael Ferrante and Mary Elias Iwaszewski
Harnett – Michael Zimmerman
Lumberton – Nina Shander
Raleigh – Christopher Walker
Salisbury – Wes Carter and James Thomas Muller

Distinguished Clinical Scholars by Region

Emergency Medicine – Eric Hexem
Family Medicine – Robert Charles Nallenweg
Geriatrics – Robert Landon Wallace
Internal Medicine – Jessica Lauren Ochab
OB/GYN – Taylor Love
Pediatrics – Giles Thomas Knowles and David Eugene Marselles
Psychiatry – Jacques Maurice Villien

Emergency Medicine – Taylor Renbarger
Family Medicine – Chinyere Nnaji
Geriatrics – Sara Grace Kwiatkowski
Internal Medicine – Daniel Choi Benson
OB/GYN – Vishwa Mahesh Shah
Pediatrics – Kiefer James Mespelt
Psychiatry – David Ho
Surgery – Alicia Carol Greene

Emergency Medicine – Alyssa MacKay
Family Medicine – Mary Elias Iwaszewski
Geriatrics – Mary Elias Iwaszewski
Internal Medicine – Christopher Michael Ferrante and Cooper Louis Stone
OB/GYN – Mary Elias Iwaszewski
Pediatrics – Mary Elias Iwaszewski
Psychiatry – Megan Nicole Kummerlowe
Surgery – Christopher Michael Ferrante

Emergency Medicine – Joshua Shurley
Family Medicine – Michael Zimmerman
Geriatrics – Joshua Shurley
Internal Medicine – Brandon Michael Parr
OB/GYN – Kyle Admire
Pediatrics – John Peter Manor
Psychiatry – R. Dillon Hill
Surgery – Ashley Nicole Cheek

Emergency Medicine – Andrew Reed
Family Medicine – Melissa Ann Marvin
Geriatrics – Melissa Ann Marvin
Internal Medicine – Chase A. Sherman
OB/GYN – Jenny Mao
Pediatrics – Benjamin Tan
Psychiatry – Priyanka Sunil Patel
Surgery – Veronica Garbar

Emergency Medicine – Kara Smith
Family Medicine – Victoria Rice
Geriatrics – Erin Fredrickson
Internal Medicine – Natalie Allcott
OB/GYN – Jarett Casale
Pediatrics – Jaxon Vallely
Psychiatry – Amar Wael Arafat
Surgery – Jeffrey Dean Davis

Emergency Medicine – James Thomas Muller
Family Medicine – Laura Alanna Barbalato
Geriatrics – Wes Carter
Internal Medicine – Nicholas Louis Luibil
OB/GYN – Roxana Aghili
Pediatrics – Kathryn Wershing
Psychiatry – Andrew Spencer Finneran
Surgery – Esther Ji Hoon Kim and Ani Mnatsakanian