Campbell Medicine has highest percentage of residents match in family medicine

image of student and patient

The Jerry M. Wallace School of Osteopathic Medicine had the highest percentage of recent graduates match into family medicine residencies in the state this year, according to the North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians.

Of the 150 inaugural graduates of the School of Medicine who participated in the 2017 National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) 20 percent of those new physicians matched into family medicine residency programs.

“Campbell Medicine is proud to have the highest percentage of graduates choose this specialty,” said Dean Dr. John Kauffman Jr. “Family physicians are essential to health care infrastructure — they are the first line of care in preventative medicine and treating ongoing diseases. We look forward to the many accomplishments these physicians will achieve as they continue to pursue their medical aspirations.”

“North Carolina and the nation as a whole has a tremendous need for more primary care physicians, particularly family physicians,” said Dr. Nicholas Pennings, director of the Campbell University Health Center, chair and assistant professor of family medicine. “It is exciting to see our students leading the way to fill the void by choosing a career in Family Medicine.”

This achievement continues to show Campbell Medicine’s commitment to challenging the impending primary care physician shortage in the Southeastern United States and the nation.