Campbell Medicine welcomes 164 first-year students, hosts convocation

Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine welcomed 164 new medical students with the close of its first-year orientation activities on July 27. The students represent 90 different undergraduate institutions and over 20 majors.

“We are delighted to have seated such a robust and highly-credentialed class,” said Campbell Medicine Dean John M. Kauffman, Jr.

The new class of 2022 began the academic year with the second-year students on July 30 while third and fourth-year medical students began their second week of rotations at Campbell Medicine’s regional campuses throughout North Carolina. The new first-year class represents the sixth class of medical students at Campbell.

In addition to departmental information sessions with faculty and staff, new students participated in the three-part Roadmap to Success orientation program, enjoyed a family style BBQ dinner and participated in a community service project where over 20,000 meals were prepared to distribute to rural communities.

A week later, first and second-year medical students, as well as faculty and staff, gathered in Convocation Friday afternoon to formally welcome the beginning of the new academic year and remember Rachel Silver, who was a class of 2021 student.

Second-year medical students, Trey Edwards, Zach Edwards and Fran Dowling provide remarks on behalf of the class of 2021.

“As some of you may know our summer was marked by a tragic loss of our friend and classmate Rachel Silver,” said fellow classmate, Zach Edwards. “Rachel was incredibly compassionate and humble. Let us all remember her humility and zest for life. In doing so we can enrich our own lives and the lives of our future patients.”

Dara Fazelnia, president of the class of 2021, shared personal experiences and offered encouraging words to the eager new medical students.

“Class of 2022, you’ve been granted a unique opportunity to receive a medical education at Campbell University. We are all here to serve, so start with your classmates,” said Fazelnia. “You will share moments of triumph and defeat. As you go through the year, work hard, make good choices and try your best.”

Rev. Faithe Beam ’03, dean of spiritual life and campus minister, shared words of encouragement for students beginning their medical school journey, “The practice of osteopathic medicine; interaction of mind, body and spirit is clearly suited to provide care based on presence.”

Beam challenged the medical students to pursue their calling by being present, “Consider today what presence looks like for you with the people in your life. I want you to consider how you will be present with the important people who are around you; your family, community, people in this room. It’s easy to get lost in these studies. But these are the people you need most. They are your encouragers. You need them and they need you.”

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