Campbell professor shakes up theology in new book

Buies Creek, N.C.—Theology Remixed, Campbell University Professor Adam English’s new book rearranges the paradigm on Christianity by approaching it in a host of new ways—Christianity as story, game, language and culture.

English, an associate professor of religion, said these concepts helps individuals understand the Christian faith by freeing the imagination to explore the Bible, the Christian tradition and the world around us.

“We are freed from limiting ourselves to a dictionary definition and we can begin to imagine greater possibilities,” English said. “For example, we might ask what kinds of analogies help us unpack the Christian faith? What kinds of parables does the church need to hear right now? How is the Kingdom of God supposed to look to the world today?”

Presenting Christianity through the analogies of a game, language, culture and story, imparts new insight and understanding for anyone who is interested in thinking about their Christian faith.

“Theology Remixed is not a technical academic work with a lot of technical jargon,” English said. “It is written at a popular level and meant to be a first book in theology.”

English’s has also written two other books: The Possibility of Christian Philosophy and The Pocket History of Theology. But Theology Remixed is a direct result of his experiences in the classroom.

“I came to CU in 2003 when I was 28 years old, ridiculously naïve and inexperienced,” he said. “It was in the classroom that I began to hammer out my own faith, exactly what I believe and why. I’d spent years working the clay through study and experience as a youth minister, but now I was asked to mold something out of it. Theology Remixed is the product of that experience and time of formation.”

English, who received a Ph.D. from Baylor University, coordinates the first semester freshmen Honors Interdisciplinary program course, co-coaches the Campbell Ethics Bowl team, is an advisor to the religion honor society Theta Alpha Kappa and leads a study abroad program to Italy with Professor Danny Rodgers of the Fine Arts Division.

Theology Remixed is published by InterVarsity Press and is available in the Campbell book store and online through InterVarsity Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and anywhere books are sold.