Campbell Public Health supports COVID-19 response

Campbell University Department of Public Health faculty members and students are working in support of the Emergency Operations Center in Wake County. Campbell was contacted to provide relief for public health staff who had been working 13-hour consecutive shifts. Dr. Peter Ahiawodzi, assistant professor, and Dr. David Tillman, department chair, are serving as epidemiology team leads in an effort to relieve the staff epidemiologist.

There are six Campbell Public Health students supporting the Assessment & Monitoring functions of persons who may have been exposed to or contracted the Corona Virus (COVID-19). The call center is helping fulfill students’ practicum requirements as some planned locations have been closed or limited access due to the outbreak. Read more about the students’ experience on the CPHS blog.

The purpose of the Wake County call center is to answer questions and concerns pertaining to COVID-19. This operation is the largest emergency mobilization in the county’s history. The public health faculty and students are providing similar support, as needed, for Harnett County.

Local health departments have contacted Campbell’s Department of Public Health to work with different counties on prevention, best practices, and response plans. The faculty and staff are also helping track data and trace cases of COVID-19 for the state of North Carolina.

Tillman said, “This unprecedented time gives our students true real-world experience helping serve local, regional and state-wide organizations. I am very proud of our students and faculty who were sought out to provide support.”