Campbell Religion Department brings back Christian Ministries major

Buies Creek, N.C.- In 2005, Campbell University discontinued one of its most popular degree tracks among religion majors – a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion and Christian Ministries.

But Dr. Glenn Jonas, chair of the Campbell University Department of Religion and Philosophy, says the department will once again be preparing undergraduate students for ministry – with a “Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry” degree, beginning in the fall of 2009.

“When Campbell discontinued the Religion and Christian Ministries major, students were disappointed that they were unable to take ministry courses as undergraduates. That degree was very popular. It attracted a lot of students who felt a calling to ministry,” Jonas said.

The Department of Religion and Philosophy even saw a drop in enrollment when the major was discontinued, he added.

“This is why I’m so glad to be able to announce that, with a minor change in title, the degree has been reinstated,” Jonas said. “I think we’re going to be able to meet a need out there. This will give young people interested in ministry an opportunity to take courses they wouldn’t otherwise be able to take as undergraduates.”

The Christian Ministry curriculum will be similar to the Bachelor of Arts in Religion, however students will be required to take three courses in ministry as well as a seminar. The new major will be added to the department’s curriculum which already offers the Bachelor of Arts in Religion with possible concentrations in church history, biblical studies and theology.

For more information about the B. A. in Christian Ministry degree program, contact the Department of Religion and Philosophy at 910.893.1675 or 800.334.4111, ext. 1675.

Photo Copy: Dr. Glenn Jonas with student Christy Cherney.