Campbell Student Asked To ‘Come On Down’

A Campbell University student recently went to California for a pharmacy conference but along with friends took a chance and went to one of the best known game shows in the country. She left with the experience of a life time — and the winner of a new car.
Jagruti Patel had no idea she would make it on stage when she and a group of her fellow students decided to pay a visit to the “Price is Right” during a recent visit to a conference in California.
“We just thought it would be something fun to do while we were at the conference,” Ms. Patel said. “I didn’t think they would be able to pronounce my name so I was totally surprised when they called my name first. I just sort of sat there in shock.”
The episode starring Ms. Patel aired Thursday morning. She made it to contestant row where she was closer than anyone else in her guess on the price of a Dell lap top computer. That earned her the right to appear on stage and take part in the pricing game Switch!
Contestants are shown two prizes in Switch! Each prize has a price on it and contestants are supposed to decide if the prices need to be switched, Ms. Patel got the prices mixed up on a collection of designer accessories and a Honda off-road motorcycle.
She said the quick failure, that took only a few minutes, was discouraging.
“It was disappointing because I really didn’t know what was going on,” Ms. Patel said. “Then I was excited again because I knew I still had a chance to spin the wheel.”
Ms. Patel won the right to participate in the final showcase showdown by spinning the prize wheel halfway through the program and accumulating 95 cents.
The contestant who gets closest to one dollar advances to the showcase. She said the wheel is more difficult than most people think.
“It is hard to spin it, especially when you are short like I am,” she said.
In the showcase showdown she was closer to the bid on a package that included a 2011 BMW, $6,618 in cash and a big-screen television. She said she thought the package was worth $30,000 when the actual price was $46,017.
She was closer than her opponent whose package included a new Chevrolet Camaro , a jukebox and tickets to a Bon Jovi concert in Madison Square Garden.
Ms. Patel does not have her new car yet. It is scheduled to be delivered in the near future now that the show has been broadcast. She said that will be the best part of her experience.
“It is definitely nice to be in school and to get a new car like that,” she said.
Meeting host Drew Carey was one of the highlights of the experience for Ms. Patel. During the show and on national television they discussed her career at Campbell University and her future plans.
Before she left the stage she gave a “shout out” to her fellow Campbell students. The group joined her on stage for a celebration that was caught on camera after she learned she would be getting the new car. Ms. Patel was the only Campbell student who heard their name called during the show.
She enjoyed her few minutes with Mr. Carey.
“I have never met a lot of celebrities, so that was great,” Ms. Patel said. “He is definitely very funny and very personable.”


Reprinted by permission of the Dunn Daily Record

Written by Tom Woerner