Campbell students present at SNCURCS ahead of 2017 hosting duties

DURHAM, North Carolina – Campbell University students presented 20 works of research and creativity at this year’s State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research & Creativity Symposium (SNCURCS) held Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016.

Thirty-seven faculty and student representatives attended the symposium, hosted by North Carolina Central University, in Durham. Nineteen Campbell students presented their research and work in oral presentations, poster presentations, theatre performances, and studio art exhibitions.

Sophomore Houston Cole won the George T. Barthalmus Undergraduate Research Grant with his research on “Synthesis of Heterodisubstituted Pyridines via Cyclization of Methyl Ketones, DMSO, and Ammonium Salts.” This grant funds continued research to be presented at the 2017 SNCURCS.

“With 444 presentations and over 600 students attending this year’s SNCURCS, with a diverse array of presentations from the arts to the sciences, Campbell University is looking forward to building on past experiences, such as the North Carolina Academy of Science conference in 2012 and the Big South Undergraduate Research Symposium in 2015, with the hosting of SNCURCS 2017,” said Dr. Sal Mercogliano, co-chair of the university’s Student Research Committee.

Mercogliano and co-chair Dr. Jennifer Bunn are already planning for next year’s event, which Campbell will host.

Student Researchers

Oral Presentation:

  • Rebekah Hilton: Determination of Lead Content in Children’s Lip Glosses (Chemistry)
  • Meghan Ingold: “El Medio Pollito” or “The Half Chicken” (Spanish)
  • Jaimee Sharp: Utopia, or Nightmare? John Milton’s Paradise Lost and Joss Whedon’s Angel (English)

Poster Presentation:

  • Leah Cashwell: Assessing the Performance of Abdominal Muscles during Prone Bridge Exercise in Older and Younger Adults (Biology)
  • Sarah Davis: Bilateral Cubital Tunnel Syndrome In A Division I Collegiate Female Swimmer (Exercise Science)
  • Rae Freeman: Xertional Rhabdomyolysis In A High School Football Player (Exercise Science)
  • Josh Goheen – Modification of a Finnigan TSQ7000 Mass Spectrometer for Carbon 14 Dating of Indigenous People’s Artifacts (Chemistry)
  • Jaylin Grant: The Identification of Environmental Microorganisms that utilize Bifenthrin (Biology)
  • Katelyn Hunt, Ashley Thomason: The Role of Birth Order in Attachment, Attraction, and Jealousy in Romantic Relationships (Psychology)
  • Jordan Jackson: Cloning of Promoter Region of Human CHMP3 Gene (Biology)
  • Caleb Jones: The Effect of a 6-Week Training Program On Heart Rate Acceleration as a Parameter for Measuring Fitness (Exercise Science)
  • Emily Linton: Taxonomic Characterization of a Novel Kistimonas Species and Detection of Biosurfactant Production Using Multiple Screening Methods (Biology)
  • Jordan Mullins: Failed Accessory Navicular Resection in Female Collegiate Soccer Player (Exercise Science)
  • Holly Price: Scaphoid Fracture In A Division I Collegiate Baseball Player (Exercise Science)
  • Tiffany Sears: Wrist-Worn Physical Activity Trackers Progressively Underestimate Steps with Increasing Walking SPeeds (Exercise Science)
  • Breann Zeches, Zachary Flaccavento: Binding Studies of Pbx1-Pdx1 Fusion Transcription Factors on Human Somatostatin Promoter (Biology)

Performance Presentation:

  • Caitlin Branen: Heartbeat (Theatre)

Exhibit Presentation:

  • Megan Mahalik: The Tiger (Studio Art)
  • Kaela McCoy:  Rose (Studio Art)