Campbell thanks students who gave to Senior Legacy Campaign at reception

Campbell University held a reception recently for several Class of 2019 seniors who gave at least $20.19 to the Senior Legacy Campaign, a campaign that provides student who appreciate how private gifts impacted their own experience the chance to ensure future students have access to the same exceptional opportunities.

Part of Campbell’s  Student Philanthropy Committee, the campaign (now in its second year) ran throughout the spring semester with 53 students giving to the area of Campbell that means the most to them. Twenty-six students gave in the campaign’s inaugural year. 

“The word ‘philanthropy’ translates from the Greek language as the ‘Love for humankind.’ Somewhere along the way, you were taught the value and importance of loving others through your words and actions, Assistant Vice President for Alumni Engagement Sarah Swain told the students at the reception.“Your gift through the Senior Legacy campaign is an expression of your love for Campbell but also for the many students who are going to choose Campbell as their ‘safe place’ in the years to come and who will benefit from your generosity.”

The reception was held at the home of Campbell President J. Bradley Creed and his wife, Kathy on April 8. More than half of the seniors who gave this spring were in attendance, as well as members of the Student Philanthropy Committee.