Campbell to hold Sexual Assault Awareness Week 2/23-2/27

BUIES CREEK — Campbell University will hold its annual Sexual Assault Awareness Week Feb. 23-27. Led by a cross-campus committee, the week is designed to create awareness and provide education on sexual assault.
Below is a list of the events that will be held this week.
Monday, Feb. 23
“Don’t Kiss & Tell” . . . Or Should You?
7 p.m., Lynch Auditorium
Discussion of the bystander effect and how to “tell” someone when something appears off. There will also be a discussion about consent and how to “tell” if your partner is consenting.
Tuesday, Feb. 24
Can I Kiss You? Program
7p.m., Turner Auditorium
A program on dating and intimacy.
Wednesday, Feb. 25
Take Back the Night
7 p.m, begins at camel statue
A rally and march through campus to bring awareness to sexual assault and violence.
Thursday, Feb. 26
Exhibition and Reception of The Clotheslines Project
7 p.m., Rumley Center
View the unique display of artwork for The Clotheslines Project and stand in solidarity with victims and survivors. Light refreshments will be served.
Friday, Feb. 27
All day at Oasis
Campbell community members are encouraged to sign a pledge to take a stand against sexual assault. They’re also encouraged to “dress down” to take a stand against sexual assault.
Throughout the week
Purchase a sticker for $5 at the Oasis to support SAFE of Harnett County.
View The Clotheslines Project outside of the Rumley Center. Each t-shirt part of The Clotheslines Project is decorated to represent either a person who is a victim, surviving or deceased; someone who cares about victims; or someone who wants to speak out against sexual assault and violence.