Campbell expands Teacher Assistant to Teacher Program in Johnston County

Johnston County Public Schools

Campbell University and Johnston County Public Schools (JCPS) signed an agreement on Monday for the expansion of the Teacher Assistant to Teacher Program.

Since its inception in 2022, Campbell University and JCPS have partnered to provide the school district’s teacher assistants a pathway for obtaining licensure to become teachers in Johnston County. 

“Johnston County Public Schools is very proud of our TA to Teacher partnership with Campbell University,” said Linda Edmundson, JCPS Interim Chief of Human Resources. “We are very excited to be able to offer this opportunity to our teacher assistants as we continue to work towards growing our own teachers within our school district.”

The TA to Teacher Program is one of the unique programs that affords Johnston County public educators within the school system an opportunity to continue their education within the district. Additionally, the program is a 100% online NC licensure program that offers degrees in Elementary Education and Special Education.

“They’ve got outstanding employees, we’ve got an outstanding teacher education program, and we just thought we’d put them together,” said Dr. Guy Vitaglione, the Associate Dean for Campbell University Adult & Online Education.

The TA to Teacher program also provides tuition assistance to part-time or full-time teacher assistants in JCPS to pursue a college degree through this partnership with Campbell University that will result in teacher licensure.

“We know that these teacher assistants are rooted here, we know that they’re going to stay here, and they’re some of the best candidates that we have because of their experiences in the classroom,” said Dr. Chris Godwin, Assistant Dean of the School of Education and Human Sciences.

Credit: Johnston County Public Schools