Campbell University, forge alliance

Partnership brings online fitness instruction to diabetic and pre-diabetic youth in Harnett County

BUIS CREEK, N.C. – Campbell University School of Pharmacy’s Wellness Institute recently announced its partnership with Web-based wellness program, The alliance provides participating students in the Wellness Institute’s School Nurse and Pharmacist (SNAP) Diabetes Program with expert, interactive instruction in an area that was not previously offered.

“We are very excited about our affiliation with,” says SNAP Director Gilbert A. Steiner. “It has allowed us to bring a very professional exercise component into our program which was, until now, lacking the expertise necessary to provide competent and effective activities for our participants.”

SNAP participants are chosen from Harnett County Schools, grades 5-9, and have either been diagnosed with, or are at risk for developing diabetes. Each student meets weekly with his or her school nurse and monthly with a specially trained community pharmacist to learn about diabetes and how to effectively deal with its consequences.

Parents and other family members participate in these monthly discussions, as well, to learn about their role in supporting life with the disease.

In addition to other essential components of diabetes care, the need for exercise has been incorporated into the SNAP Program through its affiliation with All participants meet twice weekly at Campbell University or at the office of SNAP supporter, ABC Pediatrics in Dunn, N.C., to do group exercises using’s online fitness videos.

“We use volunteer pharmacy students to facilitate our group sessions,” says Steiner. “The pharmacy students have been learning a lot because of their interaction with the kids, and our middle school students seem to be learning new exercise habits in a fun and convenient way.”

Developed under the auspices of the exercise physiology department at East Tennessee State University,’s innovative exercise modules allow participants to interact with online content and get them moving by changing typical sedentary screen time into GoTrybe’s Active Screen Timeâ„¢.

Workouts provide age-appropriate instruction for three different age groups led by certified personal trainers and group fitness instructors. Allowing its users to access the site at home, in school or at a location specific to a particular program, conveniently gives SNAP participants the ability to extend their fitness activities outside of their on-site meetings.

“We are so excited for the opportunity to work with the SNAP Program,” says GoTrybe VP of Partnerships Robert Baggett. “To be an integral part of a great program that is encouraging a very special group of young people to get healthy fits directly into what we’re trying to accomplish with We want everyone to get out there and get active.”

For GoTrybe information, please visit the Web site at To find out more about the Campbell University School of Pharmacy’s Wellness Institute, go to its site at, keyword: Wellness Institute.