#CampbellGivingDay | 5 Questions with Jeremy and Heather Massengill

Sponsors of the Campbell Lead Challenge

Campbell alumni Jeremy and Heather Massengill (’00 PharmD) are sponsoring the Campbell Leads challenge on #CampbellGivingDay on Wednesday.

If their alma mater receives 250 donors on that day, those gifts will unlock $25,000 for the Campbell Leads campaign, the university  fundraising initiative to build a much-needed student union and increase scholarship support.

So who are Jeremy and Heather Massengill, and why do they give? We asked the couple five questions to learn more:

1) Tell us about yourselves. Where did you grow up? What brought you to Campbell?

Jeremy: I grew up in Meadow, North Carolina, only about 30 minutes from Buies Creek. I knew that I wanted to do pharmacy and decided that Campbell University was the best place to do that. I also received a scholarship to attend Campbell. I am a 2000 PharmD graduate.

Heather:I graduated high school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  After moving many times growing up, I wasn’t set on a school and applied lots of places. I knew my parents would move again, so no real need to stay in Pennsylvania. My mom grew up in Dunn, and my grandparents lived nearby. I was considering pharmac,y and Campbell had a good pharmacy school. In 1999 I received my MBA and in 2000, my PharmD.

2) Why do you love Campbell or what did your love about your Campbell experience?

“Mostly we love that we met each other there, and that God had a plan for us to be in the same class. We love when you would walk across campus and professors and everyone would know your name. We also love that even today, when we go back, professors (undergraduate and graduate) still know our names when they see us.”

3) Why do you give to Campbell? What motivates you to give?

“We give because of everything Campbell gave us. It gave us our education, ultimately enabling our careers. And it gave us each other.”

4) How are you involved in Campbell now?

“Heather has served on the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences Alumni Board for three separate terms including a term as President and she currently serves on the Campbell University Alumni Association Board. We also have both given lectures in the pharmacy school, hosted networking dinners in our home and participated in student events on campus.”

5) Why should others give to Campbell?

“Understanding that someone had to give for you to have what you had (buildings, scholarships, etc.) and that every little bit helps — it’s not about the amount. When you go back to campus now and see everything that has changed and meet the students that receive scholarships you can see your gifts in action.”

CampbellGivingDay is a day driven by teamwork and social media where we ask members of the Campbell community (alumni, faculty, staff, students, and friends) to give a gift to Campbell, share why they give on social media, and lead others to do so, all on a Wear-Orange Wednesday.

Learn how you can Give. Share. and Lead at campaign.campbell.edu/campbellday.